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Posted: Fri Oct 03, 638302 11:03 am
by tom-pf-exd
To All:

You may not know that the Foundation has just printed a new brochure on the relationship between preeclampsia and cardiovascular disease (PE/CVD) later in life.

I am hopeful that we can use this new publication to revitalize the Brochure Distribution Campaign.

To that end I would like to talk with anyone who was involved in the previous iteration of this initiative. I would like to think that we can streamline the program, make it easier to get brochures and simpler to record the important information we need to make the program grow and thrive. Getting your thoughts and ideas will certainly help in that direction.

Please e-mail me at and suggest a few dates/times that I might call you to "pick your brain" a little.

Many thanks -- in advance -- for your help.