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Postby tom-pf-exd » Wed Oct 15, 2008 05:57 pm

This message was sent to all Preeclampsia Foundation e-mail addresses. I am posting in the Forum because I know that many of you have stopped using the PF address because of the spam problem. Please go to your PF e-mail account, hit reply, and send me the requested information . . . THANKS!

Dear Preeclampsia Foundation Colleague:

In our continuing effort to improve services and communications, the Foundation Board has authorized a change and upgrade in our e-mail provider. We are painfully aware of the spam problem that many of you have experienced over recent months, and this upgrade is designed, among other things, to minimize that problem at virtually no cost to the Foundation. This will also be the first step in a broader transition to create greater stability for our website and improve its functionality.

Before we actually make the change, we need to get some basic information from you so we can do the job correctly. I would appreciate your answering the following questions and e-mailing those responses to me as soon as possible by clicking the reply button on your e-mail program – your response will automatically be sent to me.

1. In many cases, we have an e-mail address but no name attached to it – please give us your full name:

2. What computer operating system do you use? For example: Windows, Mac, Linux, other (please name the system)?

3. What e-mail program do you use? For examples: Outlook, Eudora, other (please name the system)?

4. How much or how often do you use this PF address?

5. How important will it be for you to access your old PF e-mail after the transition to a new e-mail provider?

6. We need an alternate way to communicate with you in the event the transition does not work smoothly. Please provide an alternate e-mail address, for example an AOL or Comcast address, not a “” address.

Thank you for your speedy cooperation. If we do not hear from you fairly quickly, we will assume this address is no longer in use and it will be terminated.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

With all best wishes . . .


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