Awareness DVD wins CINE Award

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Awareness DVD wins CINE Award

Postby eleni » Fri Jan 23, 2009 01:02 pm

The PF's awareness video -- "If Only We Knew...the Quest to Conquer Preeclampsia" -- that was debuted at Saving Grace 2009 has won a CINE Award -- the prestigious Golden Eagle Award for documentaries. CINE will not make the official announcement until the awards ceremony (in the spring), but producers are allowed to issue their own press releases, as we will, of course. Past recipients include Steven Spielberg and Ken Burns. Not too shabby. Big kudos to our producer, Pat Etheridge!!

The award should help bring more attention to the DVD and hopefully open doors for distribution.

You can learn more about CINE here: <>

Anybody who is using the DVD for outreach efforts should feel free to mention its award-winning status. We'll have an official press release posted to our website within the next few weeks, providing more details.

Also remember, the 8 minute version being shown on You Tube and that was shown at Saving Grace is NOT the entire video. The whole 20 minute video includes specific information about signs & symptoms and the PF's programs and services.

it is available for a very modest fee in our Marketplace.

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