Vision Problems

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Re : Vision Problems

Postby jenchar » Sat Jul 16, 2005 05:37 pm

Wow! Thanks ladies!

I don't feel like such a freak show anymore.

And, yes, I'm always turning on lights because it is too dark for my liking. My DH is always rolling his eyes at me, turning them off muttering under his breath.

My opthamologist was equally "impressed" with what happened to me. I didn't like being considered special because of that.

My vision has never been the same since PE.


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julie f
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Re : Vision Problems

Postby julie f » Fri Jul 15, 2005 09:54 pm


Here is a link about this topic from a while back: ... rms=vision

I too suffer some permanent eye damage from my pe experience, my story is in the link.

I have to say that I'm like Catherine... Dh is constantly following me around, shutting of lights and muttering about our house looking like an airport landing strip at night...

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Re : Vision Problems

Postby tahoe4 » Fri Jul 15, 2005 05:06 pm

I had/have vision problems from my first pregnancy. I was SEVERELY photophobic after my bought with eclampsia. It was like when you're asleep in a dark room and you immediately turn on a light right after waking up. You can hardly see anything because your eyes aren't used to the light yet. That was me after my seizure. My sight was very dark and I had to have tons of lights on in any room that I was in.

My vision has never quite returned to normal. I have glasses now and before my first pregnancy I had 20/10 vision. It's pretty frustrating, because I could never get anyone to tell me exactly what caused my vision to change. I saw a special opthamalogist and he thought I had the most fascinating case he had ever seen. I felt like a guinea pig when I went into his office, so needless to say I didn't go back.

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Re : Vision Problems

Postby sweetiesuzy » Fri Jul 15, 2005 04:45 pm

Catherine -

Every time I read about your experience - I am at a loss of words. I am just so thankful you are well today and I am so amazed at your bravery and strength.

Hugs & love -

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Re : Vision Problems

Postby catherine » Tue Jul 12, 2005 11:54 pm

Ick! Jen, you didn't deserve that! Walleyed indeed!!

I did have my own special vision issues but nothing so severe as that. I apparently pulled off "cortical blindness" where you get brain squeeze hard enough to press on your cortical nerve. So it's not your vision that is distorted, just your brain's processing of what's coming in. This manifested itself as a weird kind of "I know what I'm seeing, but I can't see it" effect. I knew that there was a clock on the wall because I could see the shape, but I couldn't make out the numbers or where the hands were. DH had two noses, two upper lips etc. Text and TV were hopeless and I couldn't see what was happening at all when I was trying to use my breast pump. One of the L&D nurses would have to come and just tell me if things were looking ok.. (modesty? what modesty?). The only time I could make out anything at all was if something was at my precise focal length... sort of at armtip range. So, visitors would see me wiggling pics of Lucy at the maximum extent of my reach. It began to get better about a week or so out, but it took me another week to be able to read text comfortably and I used to have issues with email, I'd retype syllables within words... going shopopining for instance. I though I was brain damaged but the opthamologist told me it was just that I wasn't properly processing the whole word. Fortunately it went away by about 6 weeks post partum though I'm still convinced that it gets too dark at night and I'm compulsively turning on lights.

Today, two years later my vision is as good as can be expected for a woman of my age (cheaters anyone). Happily, no retinal damage. I reckon that I was a whole lot luckier than some.

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Vision Problems

Postby jenchar » Tue Jul 12, 2005 11:34 pm


Did anyone suffer from eye issues after giving birth. (And, I'm not talking about those flashes and floaters and fire balls and such that happen when PE is rearing its ugly head). I'm talking about vision problems that come about from having BP that is sky high.

I'm just curious if anyone else suffered the reminants of PE in the form of hypertensive retinopathy with macular swelling. I had it with both of my post PG experiences.

Basically, the vessels in my eyes had such high BP that the blood in them leaked out and spilled into the back of my eyes. My vision was seriously wacko! It was like someone had spilled dark, dark coffee across my field of vision. I could see through slivers of my vision where things were the right color and not distorted. It was incredibly hard to see my babies after birth. This fact still bothers me, but thankfully, most of the problems subsided within 6 months. Another hard feature was not being able to drive to the hospital to see my kiddos. I had to rely on others to drive me there or walk. I felt incredibly trapped especially after thinking I'd be free after being a bedrester.

My husband teased me and said I would hold my head in a funny way. He said I looked like a fish on its side trying to figure out what was going on. He called in walleye vision! Goofball! I was just trying to see through the sliver of regular sight that I had.

I laughed so hard when I saw a note in my daughter, Meghan's, NICU chart that said "Mom has eye issues. She isn't ignoring the staff."

Anyway, I was told this is a very rare complication of PE. Anyone of you brave, survivors experience this one?

Inquiring minds want to know. [:)]

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