Ages and Stages - Infant (0-12 months)

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Re : Ages and Stages - Infant (0-12 months)

Postby april » Sun Aug 21, 2005 11:12 pm

Hi everyone!

Hailey is now 4 months old. My, does time fly! She smiles, and tries to talk, she makes noises, and lately she has been squeeling some to. She tries to stand on her own when I hold her up on my lap. She has rolled over from her stomach to back. But, she will not do it all the time, just sometimes. I just started her on rice cereal. I put it in her bottle at night, and in the morning I give it to her by spoon. She does not quite swallow it very well, but I geuss this spoon thing is still new to her. Ever sense she was about 2 1/2 month she has been sleeping through the night. I feel very fortunate about that. She also lately has been taking about 2-3 hr naps during the day. I geuss she is going through a growing spurt. Last time we weighed her she weighed 13 lbs and that was 2 weeks ago. I would love to hear how other babies are doing that are around Haileys age, and talk to the other mothers to compare notes.[:)]

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Re : Ages and Stages - Infant (0-12 months)

Postby molly419 » Sun Aug 21, 2005 08:17 pm

Hi Ladies-
Thought that I would share about my daughter who is 18months old, 15.5 corrected. She was a micropreemie and she is behind in a few areas. She crawls, pulls herself up on everything. I am her personal ladder! She waves bye, says mama, dada, bubba, oh oooh(when she is being naughty). She loves to copy mommy and her grandma. She is not yet walking, and I was told by her PT that it will still be a few months. She laughs outloud, gives raspberries, and we are working on blowing kisses. She is VERY socialable, loves to be around other children. And of course, loves animals. She is behind in OT and weight. Love my little peanut!

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Re : Ages and Stages - Infant (0-12 months)

Postby dolphincrazy316 » Sun Aug 21, 2005 12:45 am

Hayden is doing really great. He does smile when you kiss him on his cheek. He also tried to roll over yesterday. He now weighs over 11 lbs, and is 23 1/4 in. long. He is eating oatmeal every morning and night. It also seems as though he is already attached to me even at 4 months. I left the house yesterday to run to town and my mother-in-law kept him. She said that the had a fit when OI left. That does make me feel good but that can also be a problem later.

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Re : Ages and Stages - Infant (0-12 months)

Postby jenn » Sun Aug 21, 2005 09:15 am

Hola' mama's... got a (?)

At what age did your peanut get their first tooth??
Natalia is a toothless wonder :o) Since we're b/f I'm not really complaining here :op
But I'm curious to compare.

And just a lil' mommy brag- WE WAVE BYE-BYE now!!! Too darn cute!!

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Re : Ages and Stages - Infant (0-12 months)

Postby season » Sun Aug 21, 2005 01:37 am


At Parker's age stage 2 foods are probably fine. You should introduce new foods individually still though. As for using a cup, offer it with each solid meal (preferrably with water.)

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Re : Ages and Stages - Infant (0-12 months)

Postby angelkat » Sat Aug 20, 2005 10:54 pm

Rachel... I would say if the little man does want formula/BM then he is really weaning himself. Sometimes they go thru stages where all they want is milk or juice. As long as he is getting fluid then there is nothing to worry about. As for losing weight.. weight gain tends to slow up a little as they become more active with crawling all around and then walking....

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Re : Ages and Stages - Infant (0-12 months)

Postby raindrop » Sat Aug 20, 2005 10:17 pm

Well, my youngest, Parker is in this section... He will be 6mo on the 22nd. Where does the time go.. Last time he was weighed, a few weeks ago, he was just over 15lbs. He is my chunky baby[:p].

Parker has 3 teeth and the second top getting ready to pop thru anyday. His 2 bottom teeth have been thru since 3 1/2 mo old. My earliest teether[:D]. I have just recently started giving him some baby food. have done a bit differently with Parker, I have given him bananas and applesauce so far. He has had formula thickened with rice for several months and I just bought some oatmeal to mix some fruits with for him tomorrow. He is my eater for sure, at least so far.

He is starting to crawl now, in the early stages of it, but yet still cannot sit up He says da-da (for past 2 weeks) and babbles constantly. So unlike Wyatt. He loves to watch Wyatt and Whitney and I know he cant wait to join them in turning the house[:p]

I do have a question... at 6mo is that too early to try stage 2 food with him?? Also what do you all think about starting to use a cup during the day at 6mo??

rachel a
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Re : Ages and Stages - Infant (0-12 months)

Postby rachel a » Fri Aug 19, 2005 11:14 pm

Hey ladies,
I think my man is one of the oldest here (10 months), but hoping someone can help me!

Is he weaning himself? For the past week, week and a half, he just about refuses his bottle. The only time he'll take one (and it's only 5oz) is if he wakes during the middle of the night. The rest of the day, he may only take about 4oz (that's ALL day!). Other than that, he wants food (i.e. Cheerios, Gerber Stars, Graham Crackers, or Stage 2 & 3 foods, along with juices). I am afraid he'll start losing weight (I've been told it's his main source of nutrition) or that he'll dehydrate. But I obviously can't force him to take a bottle. What am I to do?


At that age, Dylan wasn't taking much more than 16-18oz/day and ped said that was fine. He was by this time drinking 4oz of juice (usually Pear) and sometimes about 2oz of plain Nursery water.


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Re : Ages and Stages - Infant (0-12 months)

Postby angelkat » Fri Aug 19, 2005 08:38 am

I'm on the fence so I posted in both section with Casey's age. Casey is now 12(3.4) months and is doing great!. Well, except sleeping thru the night. He needs his Mommy all the time. I rock him to sleep he'll sleep for a few hours before he wakes up and says I want Mommy. Then I just bring him in bed with us. Now, that he is getting bigger he's taking up more room (He turns sideways) so once he is sleeping again I put him back in his crib. (This can happen a few times during the night)

He has 4 teeth and the best thing I found for teething was an ice cube in a Sassy holder (it has a mesh holder on it).

Casey hated Stage 3 baby food as he always spit it out or choked on it so we just went with Table food. Mostly he eats table food with a jar of fruit in the morning with his Oatmeal or Rice Cereal.

Walking is a new thing for us.. We take three steps and fall down. It's just so cute. Not sure if I really want him to walk as it's a sign my baby is really not a baby anymore.

The bad things Casey does.... Only wants Mommy. Cries when I am not there with him. He won't even stay in the church Nursery. We are trying a little each day to ease the seperation between Case and me but it's hard. I have interview for a few jobs here and I'm being really picky about not working weekends (because Dh works weekends and no sitter) and Daycare is our only option. once I know I have a job I will start bring Case to the Daycare everyday for an hour and stay with him just so he can get used to it.

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Re : Ages and Stages - Infant (0-12 months)

Postby lou » Fri Aug 19, 2005 01:23 am


Charlie is 3 mths old and wonderful.. he has been sleeping quite well and goes in his cot about 7:30-8pm at night and most nights sleeps till 6 or 7am! but just latley been waking about 4.30 5am for a feed.. thats why im up still!!

He smiles all the time and has started to giggle a little.. he loves to be looking around and babbles to us and himself quite a bit now. he is trying to roll over onto his side! and has started to grab at toys and really look at them, he also loves to feel his feet and keeps his legs stiff !

He enjoys tumnmy time and tries to move his legs and manages to push with his feet and scoot forward a little.

I am not sure about weaning? as here in the UK they are now recomending you dont start till 6 mths?? due to an icrease risk of allergies if started earlier???

But most mums i know statred there babies at 16 ,17 weeks.

Charlie is getting close now at 14 weeks to having some!!.. he always has his hands in his mouth and takes an interest in our food.. ans somedays i can seem to fill him.. he is now in the extra milk for hungrier babies..


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