We have PEE PEE!!

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Re : We have PEE PEE!!

Postby mamas » Sat Jun 17, 2006 00:08 am

I hope this helps. We had tried to potty train our son at 2 years and he would occ. pee in the potty, and he even once pooed in the potty but really wasn;t interested. I was pregnant at the time so we didn't push the issue. When a new one comes they can have a relapse and go back to diapers if they are not really ready yet. THIS IS WHAT WORKED FOR US...a week before he turned three I took away the diapers. NO more diapers (except at night of course). He had a choice between underwear (with favorite cartoon characters) or nakedness. At first he cried and and even got angry saying he wanted a diaper and actually carried one with him around the house for a couple of hours befor breaking down and putting on underware. (it was summer) Believe it or not this was the hardest part. HE didnt' have the option of a diaper anymore. Don't give in. (Of course we didnt' go anywhere far for a week, until he got the hang of the potty. We had two accidents and one poo. He is completely potty trained now and it only took about two days of accidents and then he was up and rolling. He is so excited everytime he poos in the potty. We also used an incentive, a brand new hotwheel OR a piece of his favorite candy when he used the potty. He doens't care if he gets anything treat wise now. HE just loves his underware and doesn't want a diaper. Pull ups at night. I knew he was smart enough and could do it when I saw regular pooping schedules for him...at this time in this particular place (always in a private area). Look for cues like this. I don't know if that was the RIGHT way to potty train or not, but I had had it with the diapers. IT worked for us. Hope this helps. Sometimes the best answers, the ones that work, are the ones yo feel in your gut. The "Just do it" moment that comes upon you. Take care and good luck.

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Re : We have PEE PEE!!

Postby lucy » Mon Jun 12, 2006 03:10 am

Rachel thats awesome, way to go Dylan!!

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Re : We have PEE PEE!!

Postby deerhart » Fri Jun 09, 2006 04:12 pm

Yes, we have been dealing with Mason (and when Alex was doing it him too) not picking up the signals soon enough. Even now that he's doing it, he still cuts it EXTREMELY close at times.

Mason is doing it backwards though, he has never been dry through the night (thouhg will make it through a 1.5-2 hour nap just fine). I don't know if its because of the medication he's taking that he sleeps so deep he can't wake up to go or what.

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Re : We have PEE PEE!!

Postby season » Fri Jun 09, 2006 03:50 pm

Potty training is so crazy. Ds was 3.5 when I began to potty train with effort. he had already been sitting on the potty when he woke up and befor ebed for months. As well, he ahd been dry at night for awhile. Well we had many successes but many accidents, until shortlya fter his 4th birthday. Then it jsut clicked. he even announced to me one day, "Mommy, I don't have accidents anymore!"

He really wasn't ready until 4. He knew the mechanics (had gone on the potty many times), could undress himself, and could stay dry for many hours. But he seemed to not fully get his bodies cues, and had a lot of difficulty stopping what he was doing to go potty.

DD is 23 months and has beent elling that she needs to pee pee. Soemtiems she is already wet or poopy, but soemtimes she's dry adn goes on the potty! She gets really excited wehn she pees ont he potty. I have her wear underwear for a few hours a day, and she often will go into the bathroom to go on her own.

It is truly amazing how different this can be for each child and how it really doesn't work until the child is ready. I think all thsoe stories of earlier generations with children trained at 18 months have to have involved a lot of the parent being trained (taking the child to the potty often) and lots of accidents.

Rachel - FYI when you put a boy on the potty you have to teach him to point his penis down. He probably won't get that without you telling him. Hopefully this was the beginning of a smooth process to full time pottying for Dylan.

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Re : We have PEE PEE!!

Postby mikeys mom » Fri Jun 09, 2006 01:54 pm

Well I hope that happens to me Erin. Mikey is 3 years and 5 months and will go in the potty when we make him, Pee pee, but not on his own will and not poop at all.
Go Dylan!

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Re : We have PEE PEE!!

Postby deerhart » Wed Jun 07, 2006 11:57 pm

Man I am coming back to this because Monday afternoon, Mason announced he was potty trained and stopped wearing diapers (except for bedtime)!!!

Whats REALLY odd, is this is the exact same age that Alex did the same thing (Alex did it in Mid January before his late April birthday so he was approx. 3 years 8.5 months, Mason's b-day is mid october and he is approx. 3 yrs 8.5 months!).

These kids and their timing is really starting to creep me out (my water was broke/broke on its own within minutes of each year in their labors, I got the epidural within minutes in each labor, their weighed exactly that same at 6 mo, 1 yr, 18 mos oie and now potty time!)

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Re : We have PEE PEE!!

Postby denise » Wed May 31, 2006 06:50 pm

Go Dylan! Go Dylan!![:D][:D] That is awesome! Hope the pee pee continues!

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Re : We have PEE PEE!!

Postby orrobbins » Wed May 31, 2006 05:49 pm

Great news! You brag all you like! you're entitled! :)

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Re : We have PEE PEE!!

Postby browncow » Wed May 31, 2006 10:34 am

I always wanted to be an astronaut, never made it, but passed that desire along to my nephew. When he was two and 1/2, three, somewhere in there, I happened upon a discussion my mother and nephew were having in front of the potty.

"Grandma," Blaine said, "I wanna be an astronaut when I grow up, too."

"Well Blaine," Grandma Grace replied, "before man walked on the moon, he peed in the potty, so get busy."

Thus, congratulations, Dylan; you've made a giant step for mankind! [:)]

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Re : We have PEE PEE!!

Postby sarab » Tue May 30, 2006 06:59 pm

LOL @ your subject, Rachel!!

Way to go, Dylan!! I'm a little jealous, too. Maggie will be 3 next week and still has no interest.

We are all entitled to our shameless mommy brags - thanks for sharing!

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