volume control is where on a 5 month old?

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Re : volume control is where on a 5 month old?

Postby akemt » Fri Jul 26, 637675 10:23 pm

That is a cute idea. I don't really have any further suggestions or information, but wanted to also wish you well --and headache-free!

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Re : volume control is where on a 5 month old?

Postby khailibowen » Fri Jul 26, 637675 6:55 pm

You say your dog is loud, is there anyone/thing else in the house that is loud. Could he be learning from example or competing for recognition over the other noise? I come from a loud family, everyone is loud, we just talk loud, it was hard for my dh to get used to. We also constantly talk over each other and talk everything to death. It's just the way we are and we learned it from experience. Both my parents come from big families so they had to talk loud to get heard, that then progressed into our family. Sometimes, people are just loud talkers.

Could it be a phase? Sure, if the house in general is not a loud place. He will learn through experience that being so loud is not necessary. Something we do with our son (though when he was about 1yo or so) is that he had to "talk in a way we could understand" which meant he couldn't be screaming or crying his words. He was an early talker, but whenever a child starts to communicate it can be started. We don't use judgement words and we keep a neutral composure, he's not being bad and we don't get mad, we just express our expectations. Even at your ds' age you can start things like talking to him in whispers, there is a lot of give and take with communication even at that young age and he'll learn to get it. When my ds was that age he would talk constantly too and I would talk right back with him, you can do it with a quiet and calm voice if it's too loud. Of course if he's being loud because he's darn mad about something, then that is a whole different way of handling things (e.g., emphathizing with his feelings and talking to him calmly and taking care of his needs etc) but it doesn't seem like that is what the main issue is from what you wrote.

Good luck. He's finally discovered he has a voice and he's going to experiment with it for some time. Get a tape recorder and note his age and date of the recording and then let him rip. You and he will love listening to it later.

emersons mom
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volume control is where on a 5 month old?

Postby emersons mom » Fri Jul 26, 637675 3:38 pm

I must preface this by saying we have a loud barky dog.....my son in the last few weeks has decided that he wants to be heard across town so every thing that comes out of his mouth is at top volume..and sometimes accompanied by said barky dog...a screaming cry, a laugh, his attempts to talk all kind of sound the same LOUD! Is this familiar to anyone? his little waking up noises in the bassinnette are all loud too......he has been extra vocal lately and seems to talk unless he has a bottle in his mouth or is asleep....far too few hours in the day.....at first we thought he was funny but we are now running through tylenol and considering earplugs....anyone have any history with this? will is pass...soon!!?
his hearing test have been fine and he was just at the ped 2 weeks ago, had shots, then about 2 days later this volume issue started.

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