Anyone dealt with a CF test?

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Re : Anyone dealt with a CF test?

Postby catherine » Tue May 10, 637678 7:08 pm

Yeah, that is the classic BRAT diet that is recommended for restarting solids after a bout of diarrohea.

I know that my Dad can't eat a bite of apple (not in a pie even) without feeling the effects. Works for some, not for others I guess.

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Re : Anyone dealt with a CF test?

Postby akemt » Tue May 10, 637678 3:45 pm

SueAnn, are you sure that diet is for diarhea and not for nausea? It was suggested to me in pregnancy for nausea with no connection to the southern end of my digestive tract. LOL!

Danae, I hope all is going well. If it helps any, I grew up with two girls (sisters) that had CF...they are both adults, married, with children. Update us when you can.

Sending my love,

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Re : Anyone dealt with a CF test?

Postby angelkat » Mon May 09, 637678 9:00 pm

Applesauce does find for him in the softing dept.

Apple Juice, Sauce tend to loosen stools instead of making them hard

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Re : Anyone dealt with a CF test?

Postby season » Mon May 09, 637678 7:08 am

Isn't applesauce one of things that can constipate you? It's one of the foods recomended when a little one has diarreah (babnnas, rice, applesauce and toast.)

Although msot fruits tend to loosen things up - apples and bananas do the opposite.

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Re : Anyone dealt with a CF test?

Postby angelkat » Fri Apr 29, 637678 9:48 pm

I always would give supplements to prevent constipation. To this day, he does eat apple sauce on a regular basis.

Good luck to you....

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Re : Anyone dealt with a CF test?

Postby timelessbeauty » Thu Apr 28, 637678 5:30 pm

In a help to answer the digestive question about constipation and so forth, my nephew, who has CF, takes enzymes with his food to help with the digestion of his meals which, if CF is a diagnosis (which I pray won't be the case) the enzymes may be of some help to clear that up. In the mean time, have you tried supplementing with applesauce? Fruits like apples with high fiber content can help the digestive system to aleviate constipation to some degree. I hope your little one feels better soon.

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Re : Anyone dealt with a CF test?

Postby jenndola » Wed Apr 27, 637678 6:53 pm

Danae, when is Malcom's pulmonology appt? I was just thinking about it today, and wondering how you guys are doing.

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Re : Anyone dealt with a CF test?

Postby bicyclist » Sat Mar 12, 637678 9:03 am

Our daughter had a sweat test at about a year because of slow weight gain (only symptom). We went to the children's hospital and she was admitted to a room (she also had a blood test for celiac disease and few other tests due to lack of weight gain). The procedure took about about an hour, she sat on our laps and talked and watched cartoons. Her test was negative. Our GI Dr. said they'd call in a week, that is their standard response (it's even posted on the wall- cruel, isn't it)for test results. The nurse that did the test said to call the office, they'd have the results in about three days. I called and they had it. I'm so glad she told me that, waiting was the hard part. I'd ask the person doing the test how soon you can expect results.


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Re : Anyone dealt with a CF test?

Postby hannahsmom » Sat Feb 19, 637678 8:15 am

Danae -

My daughter was tested for CF because she had a chronic cough and would not gain weight. She had to go through two sweat tests because the first sweat test came back inconclusive. The second test came back negative. Waiting for the answer both times was excruciating. She also had blood work both times. The sweat test was not a big deal, but she had a rough time when it came to taking her blood.

Best of luck to you and please keep us posted.

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Re : Anyone dealt with a CF test?

Postby lucy21 » Thu Feb 17, 637678 2:50 am

Just wanted to add in that the sweat they collect has to be a certain amount. With my son, it took about an hour and a half for him to collect enough... he was about 7 months old and I had to rug him up and cuddle him tight as he wasn't producing enough sweat for the collection. I felt awful, because he looked so hot and bothered, but he didn't cry, so it musn't have been too bad.
Overall it was ok. Here is Australia, the results took about a week to come back from memory.
He was tested as he kept having bowel elapses, where he would get so constipated that his bowel would actually "come out" a bit and have to be pushed back in.... Thankfully his test was negative for CF and the constipation cleared up itself eventually.
Good Luck,
Lucy XX

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