Birth Announcements

So, the baby's born, what comes next? Discuss your postpartum and parenting concerns here.
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Re : Birth Announcements

Postby miathemom » Thu Dec 06, 638942 10:57 am

Mother: Maria N. Wannop
Father: Unlisted
Girl/Boy: Boy
Babies Name: Demitri Alexander John Wannop
DOB: April 5th,2004
Time: 13:09 or 1:09pm
Diagnosis: Preeclampsia
Status: Home now for 3 days.

Thanks for all the love and support from everyone.

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Re : Birth Announcements

Postby amaara » Fri Oct 18, 638926 5:00 am

Mom's Name: Amaara
Age: 38
Dad's Name: JC
Boy or Girl: Boy
Name of baby: Travis Cole
Date of Birth: 04/05/2010
Weight: 3 lb 11 oz
Length: 16 1/2

Diagnosis: PIH
Status: Mom is home; Travis is still in the NICU

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Re : Birth Announcements

Postby miracle_momma » Thu Oct 17, 638926 11:27 pm

Mom's Name: Tiffany
City/State: ky
Age (opt): 22
Dad's Name: rj
Boy or Girl: Girl
Name of baby: Ashlee Lynn
Date of Birth: 3-28-10
Weight: 4lbs 15 oz
Length: 19 in

Diagnosis: Preeclampsia/Eclampsia
Status: home

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Re : Birth Announcements

Postby j.davisharte » Thu Mar 02, 638626 12:44 am

Mom's Name: Davis
City/State: Oregon
Age (opt): 37
Dad's Name: Michael
Boy or Girl: girl
Name of baby: Freya Mackenzie
Date of Birth: Sept 16th, 2009
Weight: 9lbs 12 oz
Length: 21 1/2 inches
Delivery: Induced at 37w2d (mom was already starting early labor 2.5 cm dilated & ~80% effaced). Baby born at 37w4d. Mom has Type 1 diabetes. Cervadil in the evening, again in the am. Smallest level of pitocen started in afternoon. Magnesium sulfate (mag) started at some point. First stage of labor lasted ~9 hours, followed by 3 1/2 hours of pushing - to no avail. Mom & dad decided to have a cesarean birth for their baby. Dad had seen the bp's reach 200/105. Mom felt frustrated by OB's attitude that mom would be unable to vaginally deliver a 'big baby'. OB offered no help in labor.

Status: Two weeks postpartum, mom is healing quickly and trying hard to stay relaxed. BP's are labile, but no bp medicine has been prescribed. Other pregnancy-induced symptoms (which are hoped will resolve shortly!!) are carpal tunnel syndrome & itchy rash on legs.

Baby is jaundice free, nursing vigorously & regularly, sleeping well and is generally a healthy happy baby. :D

Notes from mom I love being a mum! My DH is taking great care of both of us and we are thoroughly enjoying our "babymoon" period - bonding with this darling girl. I am so happy and grateful that both baby and I are healthy now and that pregnancy & pre-e is over!!

Oh - important note, my diabetes was VERY well controlled before and throughout pregnancy. I use an insulin infusion pump & continuous glucose monitor, tested avg of 10 times a day, saw my endocrinologist & certified diabetes educator regularly and had hemoglobin A1C results of 5.7 during the 3rd trimester and others less than 6.3 (normal). SO it's anybody's guess if the diabetes is to blame for Freya's large size!!

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Re : Birth Announcements

Postby kdreher » Thu Mar 01, 638610 9:07 pm

Mom's Name: Kristine
City/State: Connecticut
Age (opt): 39
Dad's Name: Michael
Boy or Girl: boy
Name of baby: Michael Jon
Date of Birth: 11-19-08
Weight: 2lbs 10 ounces
Length: 15 inches
Delivery: repeate c/s that was pretty much an emergency
Status: 5 months old already, cute as can be and over 12 lbs and 21 inches long

Notes from mom: Yes I'm late on my announcement but life has been busy. Michael was born 8 weeks early. I was on bedrest around week 26 for bp issues and IUGR. I had twice weekly appointments for NST, growth scan (every 2 wks), etc. Begining week 32 the IUGR had worsened and my bp's were too high so I was put in the hospital on 11/18 and given steroids. Our plan was to make it to that Friday for a c/s and get in another round of steroids. I was put on mag as well. On 11/19 I went to the bathroom with the nurses help around 9am and had a 10:13 am Michael was born. I was awake, he was very small and came out crying like a wild man. Michael spent a total of 6 wks in the NICU at two different hospitals. He had PDA, developed a yeast infection from a PICC line and then developed NEC. He needed no surgery for the NEC. Overall he did very well and was on room air from day one...but did need CPAP and a nasal canula down the road. I pumped for 4 wks so he could have breastmilk, then my supply just died out. He came home on 12/30 weighing 4lbs 1 ounce and has been thriving every since. He has a mild-moderate hearing loss in his right ear that can't be fixed...100% hearing in his left ear. He is at adjusted age of 3 mos but is very alert, chatty, moves a ton and is truly my miracle baby. I am done having babies as my body just can't do it again.

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Re : Birth Announcements

Postby mollysmom05 » Wed Apr 21, 638315 11:58 pm

Mom's Name: Lisa
City/State/Country: Boston, MA
Age: 38
Dad's Name: Brian
Boy or Girl: Girl
Name of Baby: Annie Grace Gookin
Date of Birth: November 9th, 2008 (my mom's birthday) at 2 p.m.
Weight: 4 pds. 3 ounces
Length: 16 3/4 inches
Logon Name: mollysmom05
Delivery: Repeat C-Section (had a tubal ligation as well - couldn't go thru PE a third time and felt blessed to make it this far this time).
Status: She's out of the isolette now and gaining weight and doing great with her feeds! Hopefully she will be home by Thanksgiving!

Notes from Mom:
I feel so thankful I found this site - I found it towards the latter part of my pregnancy with Molly after I was diagnosed with PE. It was my sanity saver during my TTC days and throughout my pregnancy with Annie. I am so thankful Anne founded this site - I wish there was more I could do for those with PE - it's an awful awful disease.

I actually had someone ask me when I was leaving the hospital the other night (I think she had something mentally wrong with her ask me about being pregant, I told her my daughter was in the NICU and she said "Oh, you can't carry your babies to term?" and I said, well No I can't and I wouldn't know what that felt like. It was such a sad moment for me but at the same time, this whole experience with both Molly and Annie have made me such a stronger person on the inside. My feeling is, I just get to experience the baby stage a little bit longer than most people because my children were born early and that's pretty amazing!

Lis :0)

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Re : Birth Announcements

Postby hols537 » Mon Mar 29, 638315 9:57 am

Mom's Name: Holly
City/State/Country: Northern Virginia/DC Area
Age: 30
Dad's Name: Chris
Boy or Girl: Boy
Name of Baby: Jonathan George
Date of Birth: 9/13/08
Weight: 7lbs 9oz
Length: 21 in
Logon Name: Hols537
Delivery: C-Section (regular, not classic this time!)
Status: Great. Super easy recovery. Baby is 2 months and 13 lbs already.

Made it until the day before delivery with nearly perfect pressures...looks like it was headed downhill though. Got my tubes tied so no more worry.

Mada - that's one big boy you've got! Congratulations!

Sorry I'm a little late on this...I didn't know about this thread.

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Re : Birth Announcements

Postby mada » Mon Mar 29, 638315 6:20 am

Mom's Name: Mada Harpster
City/State: Chicago
Age (opt): 36
Dad's Name: Lawrence
Boy or Girl: boy
Name of baby: Elijah "Eli" scott
Date of Birth: 11-07-08
Weight: 8 lb. 6 oz.
Length: 21.5 inches

Diagnosis:Labile pressures last 4 weeks but otherwise healthy!!

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Re : Birth Announcements

Postby mrs. sagara » Sun Mar 28, 638315 3:43 am

Mom's Name: Maria S.
City/State/Country: Sylmar, California
Age: 34
Dad's Name: Sho
Boy or Girl: Girl
Name of Baby: Sofia Kei
Date of Birth: October 23, 2008 @ 2:14 PM
Weight: 5 pds 15.5 oz
Length: 19.5 inches long
Delivery: vaginal induction
Status: Due to oligohydramnios, was in hospital for 2 wks. prior to induction. Induction performed on 10/22 at 37 wks and 1 day - with no progress. Next day, 10/23 Sofia was ready to come with no complications, induction was successful. She is home now and doing well.
No Preeclampsia!!!!! :)

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Re : Birth Announcements

Postby christyrenee86 » Fri Dec 15, 638305 10:37 am

Mom's Name: Christy
City/State/Country: Hawaii
Age: 22 (21 st time of birth)
Dad's Name: Jimmy
Boy or Girl: Boy
Name of Baby: Jimmy Paul III a.k.a. J
Date of Birth: December 6th, 2007 8:45pm
Weight: 6lb 5oz
Length: 19 in
Logon Name: ChristyRenee86 haha
Delivery: Induced vaginal
Status: is almost 9 mths old!

Notes from Mom:

I am a little late on my birth announcement but wanted to share since I came on the site and announced I was pregnant but never anything more hehe

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