why is it so hard to lose weight...

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julie f
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Re : why is it so hard to lose weight...

Postby julie f » Thu Aug 04, 637988 11:03 am


Even though my body changed, the scale didn't move much until Jackson weaned at 6 months. Although to be completely honest - I never saw the inside of a gym and ate like I was still pregnant - I was starving all the time, I couldn't imagine how one would lose weight because of breastfeeding.

Now when my friends tell me, "I'm going to breastfeed because you lose the weight right away," I just smile and nod. [;)]

Wish I could help, just know that you're not alone!

kelly w
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Re : why is it so hard to lose weight...

Postby kelly w » Wed Aug 03, 637988 2:20 pm

Breastfeeding can be weird. [:D]

Most women lose weight quickly while breastfeeding. I've had several friends who LOVED nursing because they could eat whatever they wanted and never worry about it. I even had one friend who couldn't keep *enough* weight on while she was nursing [I wasn't that sympathetic y'all! [;)]]

But, for a significant minority of nursing moms, they *do* hold on to that last 5-10 lbs until they wean - its like their body says "Well, you never know - there COULD be a famine! We better hold on to this extra weight just in case!"

The good news is that it usually does come off pretty quickly after you wean. Studies across the board show that moms who breastfeed lose all their pregnancy weight on average and moms who formula feed keep 4lbs of their pregnancy weight permanently on average - so the good news is that eventually you are very likely to get your weight back where it was before you started. [:)]

Remember all the awesome benefits you are giving your baby and try not to worry too much - it will all come off in time!


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Re : why is it so hard to lose weight...

Postby sckitzo » Fri Jul 22, 637988 10:15 pm

I have done alot of research on this and I have seen some studies that show that your body will try to hold on to about 10% of your body weight while you are nurseing. This is to ensure that the milk always has enough fat in it, B/C it is good for brain development. I did not believe this but I stayed about 10 pds over my prepreg weight for a year. I dieted, was exercising and was tring everything. According to every website I should have been losing about a pound a week, not so. I weaned at 14 months and that month I lost 7 of the 10 extra pounds, It was a busy month so I had fallen off my good eating and exercize, but still lost weight, Like my body just said we don't need this anymore. It was pretty cool. I am still working on the last couple but those I think I can work off.

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Re : why is it so hard to lose weight...

Postby mommy1st » Tue Feb 25, 637986 6:43 pm


I only breast feed for 6 weeks so I can't relate much but I do have a friend who can't loose weight when she is bf'ing. She just had to take her baby boy off the bb's because of it! She gains weight with it and that is never good, kwim? So I think it is very common. HOwever, my sister with her first took until after she stopped to loose all her pregnancy weight. She just had her second and at her 4 week appt. with her OB she was back to her pre-pregnancy weight!! Just makes you want to kill her, j/k lol!!!
I wish you the best of luck loosing all your weight:)) Hope these experiences helped you out.

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Re : why is it so hard to lose weight...

Postby arj » Tue Feb 25, 637986 12:58 pm

You know, there are some who can't keep weight on when nursing and there are others who seem to hold on to those last 10 pounds until they wean. I don't think there's any scientific explanation or anything. :( SORRY! I hope it all falls off when you're finished breastfeeding!!!

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Re : why is it so hard to lose weight...

Postby kara » Tue Feb 25, 637986 1:51 am

Maybe it's the body's way of making sure you have the extra calories on board for that baby. So when you cut calories or excercise just enough that your body thinks you may start to starve, it kicks down your metabolism so you burn less calories. Same theory for those who stop eating to cut calories and deprive themselves of food, rather than eating small, healthy, balanced meals throughout the day. Ultimately the later has a higher consumption of calories, but the body realizes it is getting frequent nutrition and allows the metabolism to work normally. Your body knows it is supporting a life in addition to your own, and will wack out the metabolism to help you burn less if it thinks you are going to starve.

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Re : why is it so hard to lose weight...

Postby amyk » Mon Feb 24, 637986 8:53 pm

Wow, I thought I was the only other woman in the world who didn't lose weight while bfd'ing! My body absolutely refuses to give up an ounce during that time! I wish I knew the answer because it makes me crazy-I basically have to just write off the whole next year.
If you find a solution to this please let me know!

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Re : why is it so hard to lose weight...

Postby adgirl » Mon Feb 24, 637986 8:46 pm

I think, for me, that I kept eating like I was nursing a newborn round the clock even when I had a one year old who only nursed to sleep each night. But for you, with your low calorie intake, it could just be that with nursing you've got extra hormones hanging out that just make it harder to drop weight. Nursing does burn a lot of calories, but I've talked to many people who just have trouble losing that last 5-10 lbs while they're still nursing.

Maybe someone else will com along soon to give you an actual medical reason!

rachel a
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why is it so hard to lose weight...

Postby rachel a » Mon Feb 24, 637986 6:05 pm

when you're breastfeeding?

As mentioned in weight loss buddies... I was always told that breastfeeders loose so much weight... ha! What a crock... between nursing Addi and cutting calories and exercising, I should weigh what I did before ever having children, but I don't...

Any answers?

Allison (ARJ)?

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