please help...need suggestions

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Re : please help...need suggestions

Postby aundapenner » Fri Feb 03, 637989 8:35 pm

I never had the good fortune of having a child who enjoyed being swaddled. Even though he came home after 8 days in the NICU, he was terrible!!! I've always called him hyper-sensitive to his environment. He was (and still 15 months later is) over-stimulated fairly quickly and when he was little, never liked being held. I tried so many swaddling techniques (my sister is an expert at swaddling) but he hated it.

In the end, he's still in bed with me. I just convinced DH to buy a bigger bed so the 3 of us can sleep in bed together. (We can all sleep in our queen-sized bed, but then Henry tends to nurse more -- can smell the goodies nearby.)

Try swaddling ... and good luck!!!

rachel a
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Re : please help...need suggestions

Postby rachel a » Wed Jan 25, 637989 2:25 pm

Yeah... many of us agree that swaddling works. Addi was probably swaddled too long because it was awesome. We did what we called the burrito roll... swaddled her in a lightweight blanket (traditional swaddling technique) and then rolled her up in a larger flannel blanket (the flannel made it harder for her to wiggle out) and as long as she stayed swaddled, she slept like a dream!

Good luck!

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Re : please help...need suggestions

Postby tracym » Wed Jan 25, 637989 5:53 am

Definitely try swaddling. We used the miracle blanket and it worked wonders. She used it until she was about 7 months old (she was still tiny) and I swear she wouldn't have ever slept without it.

I paid a fortune to have that thing shipped from the US and it was worth every cent.

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Re : please help...need suggestions

Postby emlance » Tue Jan 24, 637989 5:20 pm

Swaddling was a life saver for my little boy too. He liked it for months! By then he was old enough to sleep on his tummy which is the only way he'll sleep now. I would have loved the swing crib if I had known about it. It looks wonderful!

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Re : please help...need suggestions

Postby kris21225 » Tue Oct 11, 637988 5:33 pm

My daughter wants to be held constantly. If she wakes up and notices someone has laid her down she starts complaining. But I have a Boppy pillow. I take it and lay a blanket over the top to keep her from sinking all the way down, swaddle her tightly and lay her in that. It works pretty well. The blanket keeps her a little suspended and the U-shape of the pillow makes her feel like someone has their arms around her (I guess).

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Re : please help...need suggestions

Postby deerhart » Fri Sep 30, 637988 8:43 pm

My oldest was like this.

Not only did we swaddle him, but we also kept him in other confined things (not a crib) so he stayed in his bassinet until he was literally hanging out of it! The car seat worked well (we had the preemie attachment that made it smaller which helped) and we would let him sleep in the swing.

If you don't have a bassinet, your best bet would be to try to reduce the size of the crib by placing something in the middle of it (I know there are products out there that do this) to reduce the size.

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Re : please help...need suggestions

Postby dohertyab » Fri Sep 30, 637988 6:55 am

We used the swaddle blanket as I couldn't get my youngest to stay in anything else and it was WONDERFUL!!!! We referred to her as our cranky child (16 weeks of sleeping, crying, sleeping) and no happy, quiet moments. Truly it was not fun, but the swaddling did allow her to sleep more and that was so needed. Now she's a totally happy easygoing child and was after 4 months, but those were a long 4 months. We've passed the blanket on to friends who also love it. You may feel a little mean when you first do it since you really do in essence tie them down with it and Maeve did scream bloody murder for 5 mins or so but then she would settle and would give me 4 or 5 hours at a nightime stretch!!!

Good luck

kelly w
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Re : please help...need suggestions

Postby kelly w » Mon Sep 19, 637988 9:05 am

Jana, I'm replying late, but definitely do the tight swaddle - and it needs to be *tight*. You can do it with a regular receiving blanket while you are waiting on your swaddle blanket [we never had a fancy swaddle blanket, but we kept our last 3 babies tightly swaddled and boy did it help!]

I've had a couple of babies like this, including my first, and I was one of the moms who finally just brought the baby to bed with us. After I did that, we really enjoyed "co-sleeping", so we did it with all the other ones. They did eventually all move out, except the 6 month old who is still in bed with us right now. [:)] Not saying that's what you should do, but just if you do, eventually they do move out. LOL!

Good luck!


jana m
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Re : please help...need suggestions

Postby jana m » Sun Sep 18, 637988 10:25 pm

Thanks everyone. Last night he slept in his vibrating bouncy chair and did well. I'm not totally comfortable with it, but I'm more comfortable than if he were in bed with us. We ordered this swaddle blanket online and will hopefully have it in a couple of days. I have him in a sling right now and he is very content (and I have use of both hands!), so I'm hopeful that the swaddle blanket will work. I like the idea of a carseat in the crib, but his furniture has yet to arrive (after loosing my girls, I was too afraid to order anything until the last minute). Hopefully once it gets here we can get him settled in his own space and he will learn to love being there!

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Re : please help...need suggestions

Postby mother bear » Sun Sep 18, 637988 8:52 am

My husband refused to ever let a baby sleep in our bed. So I did kangaroo care on my back on the couch and slept fine there for about two months. I always did have trouble staying awake with kangaroo care! I also was exclusively pumping, so if she cried while I was pumping, there was no way for me to pick her up. She would fall asleep swaddled in her car seat while I pumped about half the time, so I only slept on the couch about half the time.

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