work related... what to do?

So, the baby's born, what comes next? Discuss your postpartum and parenting concerns here.
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jamie w
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Re : work related... what to do?

Postby jamie w » Mon Aug 21, 638305 7:27 am

I have a long answer for you but I am at work right now so I'll try to write after work. I have tried it both ways and there are benefits and drawbacks to each. Check back with me tonight.

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Re : work related... what to do?

Postby deerhart » Thu Aug 10, 638305 2:15 am

Well I can tell you how we do 2 full time jobs and no house keeper. Both of us clean, my MIL does things when she comes over (more because she has a compulsion and as payment for us letting her do her laundry at our place) and we make the kids pick up.

My house is rarely 100% perfectly clean, but its presentable and lived in!

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Re : work related... what to do?

Postby dohertyab » Wed Aug 09, 638305 12:30 pm

I had to return to work after 1 year mat leave with all of my kids. We found home daycare wonderful! They can only take 5 kids total and work out of their home, so the kids are in a home environment all day. It did take some juggling to find a good one, but they tend to be more flexible and a little cheaper. We went that route because we didn't want as many germs. The daycare we have now, she's a former nurse who didn't like the hours and wanted to be with her kids, is wonderful. She takes them to all of the places we usually go and her own kids (who are older) are wonderful too. It does take a little getting use to the fact that all of my kids when they were younger would slip up and call me Julie (daycare providers name) and loved going to her place rather than stay at home with me when I took a day off - but really that's what you want in a daycare - someone who will totally love your kids and they love her too.

As stated though, it's a totally personal question for you. There are lots of alternatives - none of which are perfect, so you have to decide what aspect is most important to you and will work with your family. I just wanted to give a different perspective.

PS, my 7 year olds still go over and have dinner with Julie or ask her over for dinner, just to keep in touch. We often have her kids over for dinner and give her some time off, or take her kids with us for the day. The oldest child has just started to babysit for us too some evenings.

kelly w
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Re : work related... what to do?

Postby kelly w » Sun Jul 30, 638305 8:15 am

I don't think anyone can answer this question for you - it will really depend on your own situation.

For me, I have always struggled to make sure that my work hours were such that I didn't have to put my kids in any kind of daycare situation. Sometimes that has been very hard to manage and sometimes it has required serious financial and professional sacrifices, but... as a child I was abused by a daycare worker and that makes me probably more leery of daycare than your average person. :)

On the other hand, I have absolutely zero regrets about being home with the kids and them not being in daycare, so this has worked for our family.

Good luck, whatever you decide!


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Re : work related... what to do?

Postby mnmom » Sun Jul 30, 638305 2:52 am

Bridget, the good thing is you have two really cool options. I love getting my Discovery Health ER fix:) I don't think I could do it in real life, though. The patient education job sounds facinating. Is it a public health position? I would wait to make a firm decision until you know how flexible that job is. Maybe it would work out to where your daughter could still do her preschool, and you could get by with part time child care? Or maybe a "nanny" or college student who's schedule could coordinate with yours?

My DH had been at home fulltime with our boys, and is now working ft opposite shifts from me. It is not an easy schedule on the relationship. But, I think we can make it work.

Good luck!

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Re : work related... what to do?

Postby mom29 » Sun Jul 30, 638305 2:07 am

Is it possible to postpone returning to work for a bit?

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Re : work related... what to do?

Postby misscoleyp » Sat Jul 29, 638305 11:33 pm

Sorry, no help here. I know that Jamie (Lee123) is an ICU nurse too. And I know there are other nurses on the boards, I'm sure they will be around shortly!

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work related... what to do?

Postby halo79rn » Sat Jul 29, 638305 12:42 pm

Okay... I have taken a positon with a hospital... 2 12hr nights a week. I informed them when I interviewed that I wanted to just do weekends. Well, long story short, I don't think they will keep me on just weekends. Everything is up in the air. It's unionized, but everything feels so iffy. There's risk of a strike in the near future too. I'm sure it's all talk though. There are some snotty people in the unit. The job itself would have been my DREAM JOB 3 years ago... but now it's just not as interesting to me. It's ICU nursing.

Now I have an opportunity that really interests me. It's home care . Patient education to lower income, first time moms throughout pregnancy and the first 2 years of the child's life. It's a flexible work schedule (basically you schedule appts with your patients, not set 8-4).... but, the organization needs full time nurses(which is a case load of 25 moms total, I still don't know how often they are visited, I will be going on an interview soon, just had a telephone interview today). They have quite a few positions open but said maybe in the future they could consider job sharing. But because of their needs now, they need to fill these slots. The salary is comparable to the hospital (so this full time pay would be what I would make full time at the hospital). The difference is I'd have to find daycare... and fairly quickly. And it would be full time daycare which is pricey here (NYC). It sucks, b/c it's a job that interests me... I could be excited to do this.

I have experience in both icu and in pediatric care. So experience isn't an issue. It's just the daycare thing. I'm torn on the idea of full time daycare for my kids. Not to mention my daughter was going to start preschool (3 hr days, 3 days a week) at the college my husband teaches at. They don't take children as young as my son.

SO... what would you do? The nights position, my dd would be going to preschool 3 afternoons a week and I'd have a sitter on Fridays so I could sleep... but then DH would be with them on the Saturdays when I sleep. I would be home with them 100% Mon-Thurs and on Sundays after a nap. I really won't see dh much. With the home health position they'd be in daycare during the week... but we'd all be together on the weekends and I wouldn't have to ever worry with working holidays. The additional money I'd make working the full time job would probably all go to daycare (and a housekeeper... how do full time working moms do it without a housekeeper once a week or so?). I don't even know if we could afford two in full time daycare yet. I'd have to see what I can find. (Any tips on that???).

Opinions, please.

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