Waking up screaming???

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Re : Waking up screaming???

Postby timelessbeauty » Sat Sep 02, 638305 1:25 am

My son, who is 3, had been doing that and we found out it was due to ear infections. he wouldn't show being bothered by them during the day, but nighttime was just horrible for him.

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Re : Waking up screaming???

Postby surefoott » Fri Sep 01, 638305 7:30 pm

It does sound a bit like night terrors, DD#2 had them. But she was older, more around 4 or so. And she did trash around and scream, like a blood-curdling scream. As someone else mentioned, that is true, with night terrors they don't even know you are there to try to 'comfort' them. And they don't remember them. But I did find that if I moved her, like if she fell asleep on the couch or something and I carried her to bed, that they would seem more common during those times. So wherever she fell asleep, she stayed! For real little ones, I'm inclined to side with those thinking perhaps ear infection. They are SO painful, having had one as an adult, I could understand why my babies cried with them. They are worse at night, when you lay down, and she could have a minor one that hasn't really shown itself much yet, but really bothers her at night. Hope you are able to get to the bottom on things soon! I know it is hard.

jana m
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Re : Waking up screaming???

Postby jana m » Fri Sep 01, 638305 7:05 pm

I just wanted to check and see how last night went. I hope you all got some good sleep.

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Re : Waking up screaming???

Postby myrnski » Fri Sep 01, 638305 3:52 pm

I agree with a lot of other people here, but instead of putting her in my bed, I get her pack-n-play out and put her in it next to my bed. Olivia for the most part was really easy to get to calm down. All we really had to do is go in her room tell her that mommy and daddy are here, and that she is okay. she would lay right down then and go back to sleep. But when that did not seem to work we did the pack-n-play thing.

Good luck.

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Re : Waking up screaming???

Postby willow&sam » Fri Sep 01, 638305 8:57 am

Amy - don't think putting her in your bed is wrong - it's not. You'll find a lot of co-sleeping families on these pages. Sleeping and being happy is more important to me than what people "think" is "right".

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Re : Waking up screaming???

Postby amym » Thu Aug 31, 638305 2:48 pm

I am dealing with the same thing now. My daughter is about the same age -- a month or so older. We just get up, cuddle her, and try to put her back to bed in her own bed. If it happens more than twice, I put her in my bed (which everyone will say is wrong, but at some point you need to sleep!).

I sure hope it passes soon. Most nights are like this right now, but every three or four nights, she sleeps through. The other annoying thing is the early morning sun. She wakes up as soon as light starts to enter the room. We have two layers of shades/curtains that aren't doing the trick. I can't believe I am saying this, but I can't wait for fall/winter!

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Re : Waking up screaming???

Postby caryn » Thu Aug 31, 638305 12:46 pm

Seconding (thirding?) the night terrors idea; Oscar has had those off and on for his entire life, and they are No Fun. He also sleepwalks. We coslept (he was a night nurser anyway, and he startled awake less often if he was in body contact, plus when he started sleepwalking we could catch him before he got out of the room.)

They run in my family, both night terrors and sleepwalking, so I was sort of anticipating them; you might ask your parents and ILs, to see if they've got any stories. (My sister tells a very amusing one about waking up about 6' from the Amazon when she was doing field work...)

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Re : Waking up screaming???

Postby mommy1st » Tue Aug 22, 638305 3:27 pm


What about an ear infection? That's the first thing I thought of when I read this because Braden did that when he had an ear infection. He even had NO signs what-so-ever of an ear infection like running nose, mood changes etc. If it's not teething and it keeps up I would put a call into the pedi you want to be sure it's nothing, KWIM?

I hope it's nothing and is just a stage:)

emersons mom
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Re : Waking up screaming???

Postby emersons mom » Tue Aug 22, 638305 2:17 pm

We have this happen about once a week, either ending a nap or in the middle of a night, lasts about an hour and it seems to subside after a few powerful farts but there is no consoling him, he just "thrashes about" like jen said and will not let you touch him, or rub his back but is you try to move out of his sight or kick, he gets louder! our ped advised the mylicon drops again, but there is no way he will take them when he is thrashing around....no fun...emerson is very verbal and i ask him what hurts and he never answers any questions, just screams and sobs :(

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Re : Waking up screaming???

Postby jenanderson » Tue Aug 22, 638305 12:28 pm

We went through this with DD at about that age. It got so bad I actually brought her to the ped. She thought it sounded like night terrors. Her best advice was to not let her go to be overtired, and get on a really strict routine at bedtime. I tell you what, it worked. after a few days of going to bed earlier and having a very set routine, they went away. If we had a really busy day or missed our nap back to square 1. She also said they aren't actually awake and don't even remember them in the morning. It is a blood curdling scream around here though, I had to go in and hold her. Even when I did that she would thrash around and then she'd get so upset she would make herself throw up. Nothing like adding laundry to the middle of your night! Thank goodness we haven't had those in a while!

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