Only child families... happen to you?

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Re : Only child families... happen to you?

Postby kelly1972 » Thu Sep 17, 638308 2:17 pm

Rebecca, I'm in the same boat as you too! I even get the comments from my inlaws. They think I'm selfish for want only to have my daughter. I'm thankful to have her after losing my first child my son to PE. The number of children that a couple chose to have is there business only. That makes me mad too!

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Re : Only child families... happen to you?

Postby summerw77 » Sat Aug 01, 638308 5:45 pm

I am pretty much an only child, (have a half sister that died, and 2 half brohters, but they were my dad's kids so I was raised 2,000 miles away and we didnt get close until later in life) SO I know what it's like growing up an only child. There are ups and downs, but in the end I wish I could have had another sibling for Kade. People ask me and I say I was lucky enough to get one after the pregnancy I had and like my peri said, do you want to live to raise the one you have or try again for another? SO I just repeat that and it ends the convo. I do feel guilty not having another though, I remember how boring it was being an only child. BUT my mom and I are really close so thatw as a benefit. Its nobody's business though I dont know why they always ask.

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Re : Only child families... happen to you?

Postby bordergurl72 » Fri Jul 31, 638308 10:48 am

I get it all the time...even from close friends who know my story. I hate it :(

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Re : Only child families... happen to you?

Postby deerhart » Tue Jul 21, 638308 5:59 pm

People ask all the time about siblings, even I still get asked. it really surprises people to find out that not only am I an only child but so is my husband! They simply can't come up with any questions about how we feel about raising our kids without aunts, uncles, and cousins (they are usually just too shocked that two only kids can stay married).

BTW my kids have lots of great aunts and uncles and our cousins to play with (considering one of my cousins is only 3 years older then my oldest and 2 others are only 7 years older!)

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Re : Only child families... happen to you?

Postby rebeccac » Fri Jul 10, 638308 7:54 pm

Thank you all!

The "incident" that pushed me over the edge happened yesterday. The county was re-doing our road so DS and I went down by the road to see all the dump trucks lined up to dump the asphalt.

One of the drivers was standing by his truck at the end of our driveway waiting his turn and we started talking. He asked DS's age and then right away asked if we had any more! Then he said, "oh, I have 3...". OoooK....

Maybe I'll just start replying "what difference does it make?", nicely, of course ;-)

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Re : Only child families... happen to you?

Postby kelly w » Fri Jul 10, 638308 5:50 pm

Rebecca, we get it on the other end of things ["HOW many kids do you have? Are you insane?!"], but it is really the same issue - people being insensitive and nosy [and, well, in many cases just kind of stupid and not realizing how rude they are being].

I'm sorry people are like this... I haven't figured out a cure yet though LOL!

{{{HUGS}}} Just know you are a great mom and your son will turn out just wonderfully - kids do great in any size family if they have loving, involved parents. That's really the bottom line IMO.


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Re : Only child families... happen to you?

Postby mommy1st » Fri Jul 10, 638308 3:38 pm

I have another on the way but I am ALREADY getting " so when are you going to start trying for a third?" AHHHHH!!!! I always say " well let's see how this one goes and it really is up to the dr. if it'll be a good idea and if not I'm happy with two"

It is annoying, I got asked when DS was 3 months old if I was going to have another!

emersons mom
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Re : Only child families... happen to you?

Postby emersons mom » Fri Jul 10, 638308 2:23 pm


Yep I am an only child, and my parents got it lots too, but when I am told what I should do, I just say I am too old....because once they hear I am 40, the 23year olds usually shut up! My hubby's brother also only had one son, so my in laws are the worst, since they have 2 grandsons and want a granddaughter, they have pretty much spent more time with hubby's cousin who has 2 girls under 2 years old, fine by me!


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Re : Only child families... happen to you?

Postby kara » Fri Jul 10, 638308 4:28 am

Ugh! YES! Unless you've been through a life altering experience with pregnancy, its considered an appropriate topic, I guess. I think it's a very personal topic, myself, even if I didn't have PE.

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Re : Only child families... happen to you?

Postby annes » Fri Jul 10, 638308 3:40 am

We had many of the same comments before our daughter was born, for me instead of going through the whole history, I just said oh we haven't decided yet, or we have our hands full with one! Like it is anyone's business!

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