Not drinking milk from sippies!!! :0<

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Re : Not drinking milk from sippies!!! :0<

Postby mommyof3boys » Sat Aug 05, 638311 5:25 pm

We liked the Nuby's, with the soft spout. Also what we did was mix the soy with formula and gradually wean our son off the formula. It is funny how babies react isn't it? My firstborn had no problems with the transition, but my second son was polar opposite. It DOES get better! :)

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Re : Not drinking milk from sippies!!! :0<

Postby panguitch02 » Fri Feb 26, 638309 1:53 am

My suggestion echos Bridget's suggestion. We bought 5 different types of sippy cup. Jameson will only seriously drink from sippys that have a soft silicone spout. All other sippys get sipped on twice, them thrown to the ground.

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Re : Not drinking milk from sippies!!! :0<

Postby kara » Fri Feb 26, 638309 1:50 am

We started with the nubbies too! They worked really well.

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Re : Not drinking milk from sippies!!! :0<

Postby halo79rn » Thu Feb 25, 638309 8:18 pm

Nuby's were great starter sippies for my babies... very soft, nipple like top... it's in the shape of a sippy spout but bigger and softer like a bottle nipple. It was how we started the transition with both of our kids. I also gave them cows milk at times they did not nurse/take it by bottle... so that it wasn't a substitute in the beginning.. so I'd give it at meals.. and then they gradually nursed less and less.

good luck! I know sometimes it's just the child needs a little more time.

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Re : Not drinking milk from sippies!!! :0<

Postby aggie95mom » Sun Feb 14, 638309 12:05 pm

It's been a few days, how has the switch been? I hope it is going well, but I just wanted to say that with my oldest son, a bottle was his "thing" ... when he was smaller, no blanket or stuffed animal was loved as much as his bottle of milk. I'm not sure why he was so attached to it (he honestly just liked to carry it around), but for us making the transition was really hard, but it did happen.

I did find, though, that because we were still giving him a nighttime bottle, it made the day time a lot more difficult for him to accept milk in a cup instead. It was honestly easier when we got rid of all bottles, but I have to admit I didn't do that until he was over 2. I wasn't ready to fight the battle and I was still consumed with "preemie guilt" so I worried that his need for the nutrition/calories was more important than us getting rid of the bottle (since he flatly refused ANY liquid in a cup for 4 days and I didn't want to hold out any longer).

The suggestions, though, of finding a nondescript cup and having a couple of them is great. To this day, Jacob will only drink milk from his red cup.

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Re : Not drinking milk from sippies!!! :0<

Postby deerhart » Fri Dec 18, 638308 12:48 pm

You may also look for sippy cups that are more like bottles as a transitional stage. I know Advent makes one (with the sippy portion being elongated more like a bottle nipple)

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Re : Not drinking milk from sippies!!! :0<

Postby season » Sat Nov 14, 638308 3:51 am

I jsut remembered one hting I did to help my kdis get used ot cups. I used small plastic cups - without lids. I only put a little liquid in and I held the cup for them. But they really liked drinking this way. Maybe she will switch better if you tyr this, instead of the sippies.

I also agree that mixing it and slowly transitioning from formula or cow milk is a good plan. That wya she atarts off with a mroe familair taste.

Did the ped say why eh wanted her off bottles and formula?
Ypu cudl try one transition and then the other. Ie, sitll sue bottles as you transition to cow milk. Then change from bottles ot sippies. You may also find that she eats more and drinks less. This nis OK - she will learn to take in what her body needs.

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Re : Not drinking milk from sippies!!! :0<

Postby jana m » Sat Nov 14, 638308 12:47 am

We did as Jenn suggested. When we switched DS to milk, we did it gradually. It was exactly as Jenn described. He was still getting two bottles a day at that point, but I started offering the formula/milk in sippys at meals and he made a smooth transition. He doesn't drink nearly as much milk out of the sippy as he did out of the daytime bottles, but my pedi said this was fine. He still gets the bedtime bottle, but frankly I have been thinking about moving towards eliminating it in the next few months.

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Re : Not drinking milk from sippies!!! :0<

Postby jenn » Sat Nov 14, 638308 12:26 am

There isn't anything that I HAVEN'T faced in the feeding dept.
My suggestion would be to back up, mix 1/4 milk with 3/4 formula for a day.
Tomorrow make it 1/2 and 1/2.
The day after 1/4 formula to 3/4 milk, and by the next day full milk.

my other suggestion is to go shopping for sippy cups and get a few of identical cups (very important that they be identical, and avoid cute characters and designs). These cups are strictly for milk. Do not offer anything else in them.
Now you have to be strong willed and continue offering it to her even if she puts on a show for you. Your the mom - what you says goes. Your a parent first and her best friend second.
It's much like potty training (the consistency).
It'll be a tough week of adjusting and you'll no doubt need a break by the weekend... but it'll be worth it. Treat your self to a trip to Bath and Body for some new bubbles and stop in at Starbucks for a Mocha' Frap'- It'll be well deserved ;o)

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Re : Not drinking milk from sippies!!! :0<

Postby catherine » Sat Nov 14, 638308 12:16 am

This is one of those moments when "ignoring" is the way to go. The more you fuss at her and make it into a big deal, the more she'll exploit the situation. Perhaps just fill the cup with water, put her down on the kitchen floor and leave her at it while you work.... If there's nothing better going in terms of liquid refreshment or entertainment (watching mommy pick the cup up again, and again, and again) then the chances are she'll try it out sooner or later. Sometimes you have to be careful not to telegraph how invested you are in a particular outcome.

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