Drake's surgery this Wednesday

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christine lyn
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Re : Drake's surgery this Wednesday

Postby christine lyn » Sat Apr 06, 638312 12:08 pm

Hope everything went well with Drake's surgery. My son had the hyperspadius and had it repaired as well. I'll be thinking of him.

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Re : Drake's surgery this Wednesday

Postby amanda » Fri Apr 05, 638312 12:47 pm

I hope things go well.
For what it's worth, when I was a nurse and did some peds work we had a lot of little boys with this condition and believe me, they did GREAT - like hardly noticed it at all. The bandage is a little 'large' in that it is wrapped around his little self but it's like being circ'ed it heals really really fast.

Hoping you guys are already home and that Drake is up and active already!

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Re : Drake's surgery this Wednesday

Postby sonja » Fri Apr 05, 638312 2:45 am

Thinking of you all today.

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Re : Drake's surgery this Wednesday

Postby melly » Wed Apr 03, 638312 10:00 pm

I agree with Kara, bring a lovey. I brought my son's favorite pillow and stuffed elephant to his hernia surgery. And let him wear his pj's.

Another thing that I wish I'd known is that you can get any perscription meds flavored at pharmacies like Target and CVS. Cameron was perscribed Tylenol w/ codiene and I had it filled the day before his surgery so I'd have it on hand when we got home. They gave me a second perscription on the way out of the hospital by mistake. I tried to give him some when we got home and he couldn't swallow it. He spit most of it out. I had to hold him down to make him take some because he was in pain. I filled the second script at Target and had them flavor it grape and he still wouldn't take it, but I wonder if he would have if he had tried it first. I've never had any problems giving him meds before. And now he won't even take Children's Tylenol without smelling it first. Its frustrating when they are in pain and won't take their meds.

The hospital we went to gave Cameron a sedative to make him sleepy and then rolled him away and gave him gas before putting in his iv's. He woke up really upset and they gave him morephine to make him sleep while the anesthesia wore off. He also got an anti-nausea med and still got sick when we got home.

I hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow! Update when you can.

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Re : Drake's surgery this Wednesday

Postby brooklynsmom » Sun Mar 24, 638312 11:54 pm

You are all in my thoughts and prayers!

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Re : Drake's surgery this Wednesday

Postby kara » Sun Mar 24, 638312 3:06 pm

Our little one had heart surgery at this age and it is SO nerve wracking to give them over to the nurses and docs. Just remember that it is important for his future health to have the surgery. That's what I kept telling myself at least. And of COURSE our thoughts and prayers will be with Drake, Beth and the rest of the family. It's good to hear that he'll most likely be able to go home afterwards.

A couple of hints...make sure you take along the special blanket/toy/lovey that he might have and mark his name on it. They let DD take hers into the operating room with her, and then had it for her when she woke up. If he still does pacifiers, take one of those too. And books if he likes to read. They will probably want him to play quietly afterwards, so anything you can bring that he can play with while laying down or sitting quietly (DVD player w/ movies) is helpful. Our little one wanted to get up and run around within several hours after her heart surgery.

And for Beth, if she has something to take with her to keep her hands busy...knitting, cross stitching...nothing that needs too much thought, just to keep her hands busy, I found it helpful to get through the anxiety of the couple hours of surgery.

Assuming they are putting him completely under and on a ventilator for the surgery, I'd like to share a tip that Fiona gave me before our surgery. They typically sedate the little ones while mom is holding the child, for the child's comfort and sometimes they turn blueish when they go out. It's completely normal, but very frightening if you didn't know better.

When our DD started to go under she was crying and swaying and her eyes were kind of rolling around (all totally normal). They allowed both me and DH in the room, but no one else. Then as soon as she was out they wisked us out of the room. It was difficult, so I like to share those little tidbits so it doesn't catch others by surprise.

Good luck and hugs and our thoughts and prayers will be with you all tomorrow.

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Re : Drake's surgery this Wednesday

Postby mada » Sun Mar 24, 638312 2:32 pm

Wishing Little Drake all the best tommorow!!

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Re : Drake's surgery this Wednesday

Postby sonja » Sun Mar 24, 638312 2:28 pm

You will all be in my thoughts!

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Re : Drake's surgery this Wednesday

Postby annes » Sun Mar 24, 638312 12:38 pm

I hope this all goes well! I'll be thinking of your guys tomorrow with fingers and toes crossed that it all goes quickly and with no complications! What a lucky boy to have such a wonderful mom and grandma looking out for him!

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Drake's surgery this Wednesday

Postby lynnekay » Sun Mar 24, 638312 10:23 am

Hi all,

It has been a long while since I have sent an update, but I guess that is a good thing b/c it shows that things are going great and we have had no more drama & medical trauma news to report (until now).

We knew from the minute that Drake was born that he would need to have surgery in the future on his little boy parts due to 2 birth defects called Hypospadias & Chordee. Well, the surgery day we have been dreading is finally here. He goes in tomorrow (Wed.) to our local Childrens Hospital for his 2 hour surgery to release the Chordee (bending of the outdoor plumbing) and also to relocate the urethra and move it to a new opening at the tip where it belongs. They will also finally be able to circumsise him after they use the skin on top as a graft for the uretha relocation. It sounds complicated and very painful, but his pediatric urology surgeon says this is a very common surgery that they do b/c this condioton happens to 1 - 300 baby boys. The surgery is done as an out-patient, so we can bring him home the same day if all goes well. He will be bruised down there and sore for awhile. The dr's say that they expect him to be able to pee normal (from the correct location) and have full function and be able to reproduce when he gets older without any noticble signs of his surgery.

Drake is almost 17 mo. old and he is an absolute walkin & talkin delight. He is easy going and a very laid back kido. I love my role as his grandma (Gammie), he gives the best hugs and kisses in the world! We really need to update our web-site and post some new photos, hopefully I can get my hubby to do that soon.

Beth continues to due well and her retinopathy eye condtion is stable for now and we are so thankful for that. She is really nervous about Drakes surgery and I will be at her side tomorrow morning to lend her support and love. She has a lot of bad memories from when he was in the NICU and she is freaked out to have him go under anethesia!

Please keep Drake in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow for a succesful outcome with no complications. His surgery is at 8:30AM. I will update after his surgery.

Lynne (Gammie)

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