Post surgery pain OUCH!!!

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christine lyn
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Re : Post surgery pain OUCH!!!

Postby christine lyn » Tue Jun 25, 638312 11:04 am

Hope Drake feels better real soon. My son had he same thing and I know when they're in pain you are too.

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Re : Post surgery pain OUCH!!!

Postby lucy » Mon May 20, 638312 9:10 am

oh poor little guy, I hope hes feeling better soon.

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Re : Post surgery pain OUCH!!!

Postby sonja » Sun Apr 28, 638312 6:38 am

Oh poor little guy - mama and grandma too.

I hope that he can find some relief!

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Re : Post surgery pain OUCH!!!

Postby surefoott » Sun Apr 28, 638312 2:50 am

Oh, poor little Drake, I know that is SO hard to see! I hope it gets better by the day. Maybe by the weekend Beth can get some rest as well! Hang in there, you guys! We are all thinking of you.

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Re : Post surgery pain OUCH!!!

Postby amiejo » Thu Apr 18, 638312 4:25 am

Ohh...poor Drake. It is so hard to see little ones hurting. I really hope he begins to recover and feels better soon. I'll be thinking of them.

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Re : Post surgery pain OUCH!!!

Postby kara » Wed Apr 17, 638312 3:00 am

Do they have you doing opposite dosing so that you can give him meds more frequently than the 4-6 hour standard dosing? Tylenol then motrin every certain # of hours?

There is probably not much they can do if he's comfortable while sitting still. If they gave him anything more he'd just be knocked out. Poor guy. Maybe he'll figure out the cause and effect here and start playing more quietly....but probably not since he's 17 months old boy! :-)

Gather the best "sit down" toys he has. Turn on the DVD's or cartoons, make some edible peanut butter playdough (if he can have p-butter), finger paints, etc.... Hopefully he will start feeling less sore in a day or two. These little ones bounce back so quickly. Poor Beth...I'm sure she's exhausted. Hopefully you or DH can make her a nice dinner and let her have a hot shower and maybe a nap while Drake is napping.

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Post surgery pain OUCH!!!

Postby lynnekay » Tue Apr 16, 638312 9:10 pm

Drake is in so much pain today mostly b/c he is a very active 17 mo. old and he wants to play and walk like normal and everytime he walks he says: "Ouch..." Trying to keep him sitting or lying down is almost impossible (sort of like nailing jello to a tree :-)

Overall, when he is not moving he feels okay, he laughs and acts like he has no pain. But when he forgets about the big boo boo down there, he moves the wrong way and then Yikes he lets us know he hurts! It breaks our hearts. I really recommend kids having this surgery before they can walk. They normally do the surgery between the age of 6mo. to 18 mo. Drake did not have enough skin growth in that area when he was an infant, so they postponed the surgery to give the skin some time to grow.

They only have us giving him Tylenol and Motrin for pain relief and it is not enough! He is also on anti-biotics and another med to relax the bladder since he has a cathetor in for the next week. Double diapering him is a bit of a task and takes 2 people to wrangler him into compliance. This is so hard, but in the long run we all know the end result will be worth the pain. Hopefully, he will not remember any of this when he gets older.

Please say a prayer for fast healing and a full recovery soon so that he can get back to his important job of playing like a little wild man :-)

Beth is exhausted b/c Drake only wants mommy right now. The bags under her eyes are growing darker by the minute. Oh the joys of being a mommy!!!

Thanks again for all of the good wishes, warm thoughts & prayers.

Lynne (Gammie)

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