Cathetor is out & Drake is healing well

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christine lyn
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Re : Cathetor is out & Drake is healing well

Postby christine lyn » Tue Jan 19, 638315 1:34 pm

Glad everything went well for Drake, I've been there also with my son.

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heather j
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Re : Cathetor is out & Drake is healing well

Postby heather j » Thu Jul 18, 638312 8:29 pm

Yay, Drake! I hope he's back to getting into things and living it up! I can't imagine having to tend to a little one at that age with a catheter. El's about that age, and it makes me cringe to even think about it; poor little guy.

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Cathetor is out & Drake is healing well

Postby lynnekay » Thu Jul 18, 638312 6:33 am

Drake went to the dr. yesterday for his post-op check-up and had the cathetor removed and the surgeon said that everything looks great and he is now "voiding" out the top of his little boy parts like normal. Drake was super happy to have the cathetor out, as was his mom b/c double diapering and watching him like a hawk to make sure the cathetor stayed in place was grueling!

My little grandson was especially happy to finally be able to have a full bath again. He really loves his baths and the last week he had to have sponge baths, so he was overjoyed to be able to splash and play in the tub after the cath came out & the badages came off :-)

Yeah, we can close the "reconstructive surgery chapter" in his tender young life :-)

Thanks again for all of the good wishes, support, prayers and encouraging words!

Lynne (Drakes Gammie)

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