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Re : HOORAY for NORMAL BP!!!!!

Postby theartsymom » Wed Oct 22, 638606 5:03 am


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Re : HOORAY for NORMAL BP!!!!!

Postby kbunsey » Wed Oct 22, 638606 2:25 am

Boo to constant headaches! Glad to hear about your BP. That's great!

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Re : HOORAY for NORMAL BP!!!!!

Postby debbie78 » Sat Oct 11, 638606 11:33 am

The BP is definitely something to celebrate! Awesome!!

I do hope the headaches subside soon. Nothing worse than constant headaches. :(

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Postby missgamecock » Sat Oct 11, 638606 5:38 am

Yep 8 weeks after birth, finally back to normal BP although I am still on 10mg of Ziac. My pcp said today that after a month of normal pressures, I can drop down to 5mg Ziac. If they went up and stayed up, back to 10mg I go.

The only issue still around is the horrible headaches. Kirsten's neurologist and my pcp said that can take months to resolve because of the inflammation and swelling. They said mumbo jumbo about what Caryn has said about cell damage in the arteries repairing itself. They assure me that eventually they will go away. They have eased up and are not as bad. I'm just still getting them. :(

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