About Swine Flu

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Re : About Swine Flu

Postby missgamecock » Sat Jul 05, 638628 4:58 am

Well I am one of those that has been unlucky and caught the flu and it is suspected to be swine flu. Since we have Cate who has numerous issues right now, I have been sanitizing everything in sight. Anytime I touch the girls (especially Cate), I wash my hands with soap and water and then use hand sanitizer. I lysoled the couch, chairs, doorknobs, etc too. I was told by my dr that I am not allowed back at work till I am fever free without meds (tylenol/motrin) for 24 hours. My fever broke last night. I hope it doesn't return. Basically, I am back to old school cleanliness. Cough in your sleeve if you can't get a tissue. Wash hands and sanitize constantly. I even wipe down shopping carts before touching them. Cate has a shopping cart cover she sits in. Making sure none of the kids are eating and drinking after me. Daycare is pretty good. Kids wash their hands with soap and water before they are allowed to enter the daycare room to play. Workers constantly wash and sanitize their hands. I am finding that stores are placing hand sanitizer everywhere. I am now I am sure on the hit list of employees with suspected swine flu as I work in a hospital. I am pretty much germ freak. So I try and use sanitizer all the time. It just freaks me out. I don't let ANYONE touch Cate's hands or mouth. The other day some kid at a store tried to touch her hands and I told her no that it could make her sick. I have a sign that was attached to her carrier saying please wash your hands before touching mine. I wish I could tatoo it to her forehead or sew it on her snow suit.

All the girls but me got flu shots today. They will get the swine flu shot when it is available. They are planning on doing school clinics too. Not sure how the school vaccinations will go over with parents. NYS has mandated all health care workers will be vaccinated against flu. I am not sure how that will work as I work in a federal hospital. They are offering the shots and I plan on getting both even if my case is confirmed. Knowing my luck, I would get it again. Once was too much.

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Re : About Swine Flu

Postby rebeccac » Thu Jun 26, 638628 4:07 am

My 3.5 y/o and I will get our regular flu shots at the beginning of November. We will also get the H1N1 vacs when our clinic gets them in :)

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Re : About Swine Flu

Postby sarab » Tue Mar 14, 638626 1:25 pm

Holly, you are fine. These threads have the potential to go off the rails quickly, so I just wanted to get a preemptive reminder in. :)

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Re : About Swine Flu

Postby hols537 » Tue Mar 14, 638626 1:18 pm

Sorry if I opened up such a can of worms. I was really just curious what your kids docs were saying about it. Our office is currently saying nothing until they have the vaccine in hand and I'm trying to get my mind around this before I have to call and try to make any appointments. I've heard from mothers in a preemie group I'm part of that a lot of their children's doctors aren't recommending the H1N1 vaccine and was curious if that was more generally true or a preemie thing.

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Re : About Swine Flu

Postby sarab » Tue Mar 14, 638626 1:00 pm

I do want to jump in here and echo Catherine: these decisions are best made between you and your health care provider. Do your homework, discuss your findings and thoughts on the subject, and decide with your HCP what is best for you and your family.

Our main focus here to provide information and support regarding preeclampsia. Vaccination discussions are relevant as many of us have preemies and small children, and are welcomed - so long as they remain civil. We hope that our members will recognize and appreciate that we hold discussions such as this to the same criteria we use when discussing the science of preeclampsia.

Thanks, ladies!

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Re : About Swine Flu

Postby mother bear » Tue Mar 14, 638626 8:10 am

Washington State has suspended the limits of thimersol in the H1N1 vaccine:
My not-a-doc understanding is that the reason they put things like thimersol (mercury), aluminum, fomaldehyde, and/or antibiotics such as neomycin in vaccines in the first place is because they have a rampant contamination problem with other bacteria and viruses and fungi either from the source material or from non-sterile needles being used in multi-dose vials. I'll leave the discussion of squalene and other immune-boosting substances added to vaccines to other forums (the same forums who discuss proof of deliberate contamination of vaccines with agents causing women to become sterile in poor countries like the Phillipines and Nigeria). If you read the cdc's website, you'll discover that they can't even give you an ingredient list for any particular vaccine, because different manufacturors of the same vaccine use different substances as adjuvants when called for by a mismatch between the virus in the vaccine and what is presently circulating. You can bet that, with Tamiflu resistant H1N1 flu going around, when previously it had been Tamiflu susceptible, H1N1 Flu has probably mutated at least once since April, and therefore the State of Washington at least is preparing to add adjuvants like thimersol and others to most of their vaccine batches, and other States are sure to follow. Some of us prefer the mercury to what we know is 75% likely to have contaminated the vaccine with or the likelihood of the vaccine not working at all without the mercury, and some of us do not. It is, like all things, a risk-risk analysis that is best talked over carefully with your doc, especially if you have other personal risk factors that tip the balance either way, like asthma, or an allergy to vaccine ingredients.

Also, Canada appears to have some unpublished studies (and I saw this on CBC's News on TV last night) that show that people who got the seasonal flu shot last year are twice as likely to catch H1N1 Flu as people who didn't.
http://ca.news.yahoo.com/s/capress/0909 ... e_concerns
Again, in my not-a-doc opinion, things are not as simple as they seem. Correlation does not equal causation, and my best guess is that the people that regularly get flu shots are sicker in general with underlying conditions or older in general than the general population of people who choose not to get flu shots. But the older part doesn't pan out too well, as the old folks seem to have immunity? Don't know, but the populations are not case-matched, and there could be other causes. It's a bit like asking whether the blood clot caused the preeclampsia or whether the underlying autoimmune disorder caused both the preeclampsia and the blood clot to manifest at the same time.

Bottom line is that I don't trust my media sources to get the facts right about preeclampsia, so why would I trust it to get the facts right about swine flu? *, I don't even trust my OB to get the facts right about preeclampsia, a thing which should be within his expertise, so why would I trust him to actually be up on the latest swine flu vaccine research? But talking to a doctor is still better than trying to treat yourself. The education still goes both ways, and another pair of eyes and brain cells to ponder the risks versus benefits of any treatment option is still worth a discussion, especially if there are massive amounts of anxiety and fear involved.

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Re : About Swine Flu

Postby tracym » Sat Mar 04, 638626 3:57 am

The vaccine is available here from tomorrow but it's only recommended for anyone over the age of 10. I did not realise that it was not going to be available for young children.

From http://flu.sa.gov.au/

Vaccine update

The first batches of the new swine flu vaccine will be delivered to GPs and hospitals across the state from tomorrow ready for the start of a national pandemic vaccination campaign scheduled to begin on 30 September.

In South Australia, the pandemic vaccination program will be focused on vaccinating certain groups with a higher level of contact with those in vulnerable groups (for example health care workers) and those vulnerable to more severe complications from infection with swine flu.

These groups are:-
Pregnant women
Children (aged 10 years and over) and adults with underlying chronic medical conditions including:-
Chronic respiratory conditions including asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Diabetes mellitus
Cardiac disease (excluding simple hypertension)
Chronic renal disease
Chronic metabolic diseases
Haemoglobinopathies (such as sickle cell disease and anaemia)
Chronic neurological diseases
Those whose immune system is compromised through illness, medication or treatment - for example people with HIV or having treatment for cancer
Those with a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 35
Health care and community care workers (including volunteers and students)* see end of page for definition
Indigenous people (including children but only those 10 years of age and older)
Children aged 10 years and older in special schools
Parents and guardians of children aged 0 to 6 months
While emphasis will be on targeting these priority groups, the opportunistic vaccination of friends, family and carers of vulnerable people or anyone who wishes to protect themselves from pandemic influenza will also be encouraged.
Please click on the 'Where can I get a flu shot?' link on the left hand side of this page to see a list of vaccine providers. This list is being added to daily as the situation evolves.

Current 'swine flu' situation - Tuesday 22nd September 2009

Number of confirmed cases in South Australia – 8,836
Current number of cases in hospital – 21
Of these hospitalised cases, the number in intensive care – 10
Number of deaths associated with H1N1 Influenza 09 – 25

I personally won't be rushing to get one. The flu season is drawing to a close (although I think Oct. is still bad) and I've been exposed (as have the kids) many times that I know of. Plus there are so many untested/unconfirmed cases that we come into contact with every day...at the supermarket, public transport etc. We stopped testing unless severe symptoms were present quite some time ago. However, should I be pregnant or Kate was still a tiny preemie, I'd be having serious discussions with my dr about having it. FWIW, I did have a regular flu shot back in April, but only because they were giving them out at work. DH and the kids didn't.

Wash your hands often
Wipe over frequently touched surfaces
Cover coughs and sneezes
Stay at home if you are ill

Wash, wipe and cover...don't infect another

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Re : About Swine Flu

Postby summerw77 » Sat Mar 04, 638626 3:02 am

So the thread asks what are you planning to do about swine flu and I answered. Everyone's answer is not goign to be the same and I didn't post to make anyone's decision change. I only posted my answer. I think people should research before giving an untested vaccine that is beign rushed into the market with the "promise of safety" from pharmaceutical companies who have already been seeking legal protection for future litigation on the adjuvent in the vaccine. It's not inflammatory it's just stating the facts and making informed decisions.

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Re : About Swine Flu

Postby catherine » Sat Mar 04, 638626 1:18 am

Ladies, can I remind you that we are not in the business of coming between you and your health care provider. It's up to you and your health care provider to best manage your vaccination decisions.

We should all remember that two vulnerable populations are represented on these forums, pregnant or hoping-to-be moms and current/former preemies. Please recognize that these are important concerns and do not let debate degenerate into long, potentially inflammatory threads because if that happens.... the axe will fall!

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Re : About Swine Flu

Postby caryn » Sat Mar 04, 638626 1:07 am

Discussion of thimerosol:

Discussion of adjuvants (which as I understand it are not currently in any of the US vaccine formulations):
http://scienceblogs.com/effectmeasure/2 ... ants_e.php

Any vaccine carries a risk but a call to slow down approval until the safety of the vaccine and/or adjuvant is assured misunderstands the problem and carries the risk of killing people who might have gotten the vaccine earlier or in a more effective form.

Here's the most comprehensive list I've seen:
http://justthevax.blogspot.com/2009/09/ ... or-us.html

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