A little sad there will only be 2

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A little sad there will only be 2

Postby hols537 » Sat Oct 03, 2009 02:32 pm

I apologize in advance, as this is a bit long...

As you probably know, I had my tubes tied when Jonathan was born. My doctors and I thought it was best that I never get pregnant again (between the classic c/s, scarring, preterm labor and PE risks). I don't ever want to be pregnant again either. So, I don't regret my decision. But...

A lot of my friends are pregnant right now and many are having their 3rd kids. Jonathan just turned 1 and Alexander started preschool. I'm beginning to get that feeling that "just one more" would be nice. Adoption is not something we consider an option (my family had a bad experience with it once and my husband just does not like the idea), so we're definitely done. But I'm sad. I love my boys and would never change that, of course, but I always wanted a little girl. Babies smell so nice (yeah, they keep you up, but they're so cute).

My husband doesn't really understand the feeling. Neither do my friends. I figured this is one of the few places where people can truly understand why there will only be 2 and why I'm sad about it.

How have you dealt with this sadness if you've made a similar decision?

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