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Postby missgamecock » Sun Oct 04, 2009 03:09 pm

WTH is wrong with my uterus? I mean how can I constantly have bleeding with an IUD and continuous BCP???? I know the drs said I have pathologically/surgically confirmed endometriosis and suspected adenomyosis. The only way to confirm the adenomyosis is take out the uterus and send it to pathology. Despite having horrid pregnancies, I am totally not ready for that step yet. Sometimes I wish I had a normal private sector job where you can get short term disability. They don't have short term disability for federal employees. You can only do advance sick and annual leave. So I have to save up my leave. Regardless if I save it up 8 weeks for a hysterectomy or another baby. It takes me a couple of years saving ALL my leave. However, I am working on a deal of moving to the local VA hospital a half mile from my house in the spring. All I have to do is prove I can handle the software/systems on my own (got the contracting part down pat). Which I am doing well on. My job is so much less stress and way way more supportive than my previous job. They were awesome with me being out for the flu. That will help with another pregnancy. I am not sure if I could get a deal where I could work from home part of it like I have with Cate and Sara. You can access the systems from home. I am not sure how much they would work with me on it. Sara is out of daycare in August of next year. I am thinking it will be at least 2 years before we can have another one. One because I have to build up leave and two because of waiting to have Sara out of daycare and getting a new house.

Anyway, bled for 13 weeks after Cate was born. Yes I know I should have called my obgyn. I figured it would be like Murphy's Law and would stop as soon as I called. Yes, my endo dr already scolded me for that. I knew at 8 weeks my endo was back with a vengeance and I would be seeing my endo dr for surgery. I had a lap and removal of endo on May 7th. Bled May and June. Started Prometrium on my own thinking maybe my progesterone was low. It immediately stopped. Then it starts again. I never know when. It is ruining my clothes! I am sick of wearing pads! I was supposed to take the prometrium days 12-21 of the pill pack. However, I don't have regular cycles anymore so I don't know where I am at any time in the cycle.

Had bleeding off and of ever since. I start prometrium (progesterone) and it goes away. Only to start up again later. Last night it started AGAIN.

I have been meaning to make a GYN appt about this but have been lazy and busy with Cate's issues. I am going to call tomorrow and make an appt. I hate having my hand forced in this. I know he is going to tell me we don't have much time as far as another baby or the hysterectomy. (Simply because he has told me that before and my endo drs and pcp have told me the same). If I have another baby (it will definitely be my last as I always wanted 4 and no more), he has already agreed to do a csection/hysterectomy because of my issues. I know don't freak, but pe pregnancies are all I know anyway. I always laugh when he gives me the paperwork with the schedule of appts/USs/tests because I have my own schedule developed by the peri. He said if I wanted to get pregnant we would work through it like we have before. I know the deal. I know what to call for and I am a very compliant patient that he doesn't stress out about unlike some of his other patients. He has told me that he knows and trusts that I will call him. If I can't get in touch with him (never happened but could), I would call my peri. My peri has even offered me her personal cell phone number when I was pregnant with Cate in case I had issues.

I hate endometriosis, adenomyosis, and PE. I feel like I got all the bad woman genes in my family. I remember my mom talking on the phone to a friend when I was a teen. She said ever since she had my sister Brandy (youngest) that her periods were very light and one day long. My sister Brandy hasn't had a period since she had my neice FIVE YEARS AGO. WTF? My mom had pe with all three pregnancies. Never as bad as I did. She was just delivered at term. I'm the only one that has never gone to term in my family. My sister, nope she went 5 days late and told me how lucky I was to get to have my babies early? She had a normal pregnancy.

Sorry to vent. I'm just having a it's not fair moment. While the knife sharp endo pain is gone thanks to my surgery in May. I am still having the adeno symptoms right now.

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