Labetalol and Problems during labor??

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Re : Labetalol and Problems during labor??

Postby trish » Fri Oct 16, 2009 06:25 pm

I was on labetalol for my entire 3rd pregancy including delivery & had no issues at delivery. But, during my 2nd pregnancy at delivery, not on labetalol or any BP meds, my daughter was in distress.

They had the internal monitors on her head because she had some big heart rate decels with contractions. I had only pushed one time & apparently she did not handle it well at all. I don't know what her heart rate was but it wasn't good. They called the OR to be ready just in case & called to have a crash cart delivered to my room.

My OB looked me square in the face & said quite emphatically "this baby has to come out NOW!" She said it so urgently that I got very scared & pushed with all I had & was able to get her out with that push (and an episiotomy). So at least with me it went south from one push/contraction to the next & it was because of baby's heart rate. If she hadn't come out right then I think they would have been wheeling me to the OR for a C-section. But, she came out before the crash cart even arrived & by the time they got her over to the warmer with a little oxygen she was fine. The NICU people arrived & said well I guess you don't need us here afterall. Whew! :)

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that things *can* go wrong from one minute to the next. How far post partum are you? Can you talk to your OB about what happened? They would be the best source to find out what happened and why. Glad you are both doing so well now! :)

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Re : Labetalol and Problems during labor??

Postby season » Fri Oct 16, 2009 10:39 am

I am not an expert - but I have not heard anywhere that bp meds cause problems with labor. Hopefully others will chime in on this too.

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Labetalol and Problems during labor??

Postby nicole0709 » Thu Oct 15, 2009 01:50 am

Ok so I have talked to a few other drs and they have told me I shouldn't have received his right before I delivered? I dont know. I am very thankful that My son and I are both here today but could this have caused some of my problems during labor? I can't stop thinking about it. Also, I didn't deliver at my home hospital the pain was too bad so I went to the nearest hospital. The dr I got was AWESOME but I did NOT want his partner. Shortly before the birth of my daughter in 2007 he had delivered my friends baby she had placenta previa and was 38 wks and when the bby dropped down well I'm sure you know. They initially saved her baby but she was here only 5 days because of her complications. I did not want this guy near me or my baby. But of course he was the one there when it was time to have my son. They had internal monitors in and my son's heart rate was dropping to 80 on every contraction and nobody was doing anything. I was in so much pain I wanted some kind of meds but of course they said no. The night before They refused me an epidural because they said I wasn't contracting when I actually was so it was too late by the time I really needed it. Afterwards they told me I was 1 contraction off of an emergency c section. What was the difference between the contraction before and the next? I am so confused about everything that happened and I just can't let it go. The biggest thing I remember is the doctor telling myself I needed to mentally prepare for a c section because it was a big possibility and then him whispering to a nurse. WHISPERING right in front of me. I wanted to say hello I'm right here. But I didn't of course. haha. SOrry I'm going on and on but can someone plz tell me if the labetalol could have caused problems in my delivery and at what point does a c section become neccessary because my son and I were both distressed. Thank You!

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