Josh's first hospital stay :( long vent, updated

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Re : Josh's first hospital stay :( long vent, updated

Postby hannahsmom » Fri Oct 23, 2009 09:10 am

I am so glad he's feeling better. It is so scary when your baby is sick! Hopefully that fever is gone for good.

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Re : Josh's first hospital stay :( long vent, updated

Postby trish » Thu Oct 22, 2009 08:52 pm

(((HUGS))) I hope they figure out what's going on with him & that he is feeling better very soon!

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Re : Josh's first hospital stay :( long vent, updated

Postby jmom08 » Thu Oct 22, 2009 08:45 pm

Oh, I am so sorry you had to go through that! (((hugs))) I don't know how I would have reacted at the BP cuff question! It sounds like you handled yourself really well. I am so glad Josh is coming home, and I hope that he gets better tonight. Fingers crossed for you!

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Josh's first hospital stay :( long vent, updated

Postby milesymommy » Thu Oct 22, 2009 07:46 pm

Long story here, just need to vent. Josh was irritable all day Tuesday, and when I took his temp, it was 100.7. He also had a minor rash on his chest - looked kind of like roseola. He's 6 weeks old, so I took him to the ER. Tried the one his ped recommended - only 20 min from home, a children's hospital. Had great experience. Packed waiting area, but we were seen immediately because of his age. His temp kept going up - 101.5, 102.7... they gave him iv antibiotics, ran a battery of tests. Flu neg, urine neg, spinal tap clear, chest xray clear, waiting on bacteria tests. Initially it seemed like they were going to admit him, but they said they needed to contact his ped for instructions. I gave them her name and office location... Later they said her service said to discharge us and follow up at their office first thing in the AM. As we were being discharged, I read thru the papers - they contacted the wrong ped. The ped they contacted had a similiar name, but not the same, and out of a different city than ours. But why would any doctor's office make a recommendation on admission (or not to admit) for a patient that isn't theirs?!?!?!
So I called our ped first thing, and they said we should have been admitted. But we can only go to that childrens hospital as an emergency - now that we were home and called their office during office hours, we had to go an in network hospital and be admitted there. There are two in network close, but neither have a ped ward, so we had to go to one that is just under 30 miles away, but with traffic its really not close - its over an hour away on a good day, usually 2-3 hrs. So no easy trading of who's watching Josh and who's watching our other son. And its crappy there.
Josh's temp would go down with tylenol, and creep back up when it wore off. They could not get an iv in - over 12 tries, by 4 people. And he wasn't dehydrated, the iv was for antibiotics and precautionary in case. Pissed me off - the childrens hospital got the iv in on the first try. I know its hard with babies, so I tried to keep my cool, but I am pissed - we left the other hospital when we already had an iv in. Since this hospital could not get the iv in and I didn't want to keep torturing Josh with people trying, they had to give him the antibiotics via shot - 3 shots the first time, followed by one shot every 6 hrs.
He'd get cranky when his fever would return, but they wouldn't give him tylenol until it was above 100.4 - not every 4 hrs like the other hospital was doing and told us to do at home. I understand their rationale - why give him tylenol if the fever isn't bad. But he was miserable and the tylenol helped. I brought our own tylenol and gave it to him and then got told not too - they have to administer meds. I understand why (they need to record it, but I did tell them after I gave it to him). They would also only take his temp rectally if I asked - and rectally is always higher than under then arm.
My husband relieved me this afternoon, and when he took Josh's temp, it was 100.5, so he asked for them to give him tylenol. When the nurses came in, it was down to 100.3, so no tylenol. Poor Josh.

They also decided I shouldn't give him zantac for acid reflux because they wanted to know for sure if he had acid reflux. Um, we weren't there for acid reflux, and I trust our ped. Why mess with what he's already on? Why have acid reflux come back when he's already miserable?

They also sent a nurse (definitely not an RN, just called her a nurse) to do vitals. She asked me where to put on the BP cuff, she's never taken vitals on an infant. WTH?!?!? I understand training, but you send someone in with the newbie to train them - not send the newbie in alone to fumble around. She didn't notice the machine was on adult, so I told her to change it to ped, she didn't know how. Didn't know how to get oxygen sat levels on him... I asked to speak to the lead doctor in private and told her I had a big issue with the lack of trained staff. We had lots of trained nurses checking in on us after that.
There was also the 2 inch cockroach that walked across our room... And this area of the country does not have cockroach problem. Yuck.
Well, the bacteria tests didn't grow anything, and my husband is on the way home with Josh right now. If his fever returns and won't go down, were taking him to the childrens hospital, I don't care how much it costs us.
Hopefully Josh gets better tonight. I don't like seeing him so miserable. He's got this sad little moan that just says "I'm miserable mommy". At least he's still feeding well - not as well as usual, but he is taking in, and peeing and pooping.
I'm glad all the tests were neg, but I wish we knew what it was.
I will not go to that hospital again.
************ update
Josh had a good night - felt warm when he got home, so we gave him tylenol at 8. His fever has not returned, its been over 12 hours and he seems much more alert and happy. Of course he crying now - I think he's saying 'momma get off the computer and hold me.' I am so thankful he seems to be getting better.

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