Use(d) Please write letter!

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Use(d) Please write letter!

Postby jmom08 » Wed Jan 27, 2010 00:09 am

Suggested deadline February 1st... one last reminder! Please help me let know how important it is to make expectant moms aware of the PE warning signs!

As you may know, Babycenter sends "pregnancy bulletin" e-mails to expectant moms. The title of a recent bulletin was, "Moms confess: 'What I wish I'd known about pregnancy'" (e-mail didn't mention PE). Do you think the bulletins would be a great opportunity to raise PE awareness when moms need it the most? If so, Babycenter needs to hear what you think!

The thread has a suggested sample letter you can paste into Word & send in less than 10 minutes. **Important: please be sure to write on your own behalf as a user of Babycenter and not on the behalf of the PF.** It's OK to mention the PF as a resource, but letters have to be from us as individuals.

Takes very little time, and could make a huge difference. Please post and let us know if you write a letter, and thank you!

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