throwing up with formula but not breastmilk....

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throwing up with formula but not breastmilk....

Postby onfaith » Mon Mar 22, 638923 12:38 am

my four week old has been throwing up with his formula feedings. He gets breast milk for all but about 2-3 feedings a day (I am not making enough milk)...he is fine with the breast milk, but with the formula, he spews it shortly after finishing a feeding. We've tried a couple of different formulas, but have the same outcome. We have not had experience with reflux and our ped is a little stumped. Her feeling is that in a true reflux, he would throw up with either milks....

Haven't a clue what to do at this point. I burp him lightly and often and keep him "up" after the formula feedings and he doesn't lay flat in his basket.....have any of you dealt with something similar? thoughts?

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