Autoimmune link for me!

So, the baby's born, what comes next? Discuss your postpartum and parenting concerns here.
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Autoimmune link for me!

Postby missgamecock » Sat Mar 13, 2010 01:38 am

I was talking to my aunt tonight (my dad's sister). I mentioned to her I missed my rheumatology appt on Monday due to the stomach flu. She said wait, a rheumatologist? What's wrong. So I explained everything that has been going on and a possible RA diagnosis. My aunt, my other two aunts (my dad's sisters) and two of my cousins have been diagnosed with RA! I was like WHAT? I had no idea. Also my mom has RA. HOLY COW. The one aunt I haven't seen in several years, she actually has some deformity from it.

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