Martin's 1st birthday!! Escaped citomegalovirus!!

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Re : Martin's 1st birthday!! Escaped citomegalovirus!!

Postby mnmom » Fri Apr 09, 2010 08:17 am

What a year! Enjoy the birthday celebration. Thank you for the update.

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Re : Martin's 1st birthday!! Escaped citomegalovirus!!

Postby sonja » Thu Apr 08, 2010 10:29 am

Happy Birthday to Martin and congratulations to mom!!

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Martin's 1st birthday!! Escaped citomegalovirus!!

Postby melodi » Thu Apr 08, 2010 07:54 am

Just wanted to share the joy we are all feeling today when little (or rather quite big now) Martín is having his first birthday. A year has passed so quickly, and I haven't been in touch at all. This doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about all of you. Everything is well now, but we got off to a rough start, because his pediatrician thought that he had contracted citomegalovirus (don't know if this is the correct word in English) from me during the pregnancy. This can, among others, lead to blindness, deafness, learning disorders, severe disabilities etc etc. At two months he had a brainscan to see if there were crystals formed in his brain (common sideeffect from citomegalovirus), and we were terrified. After the scary pregnancy, I had kind of hoped that we would be able to enjoy Martín and a moment of babybliss. But not so. We were so worried, and I went from "I escaped preeclampsia in this pregnancy" to "my baby is going to be severely disabled". But now I know that Martín is a healthy baby and that the values of citomegalovirus from his bloodtests were most likely antibodies from me passed on through the breastmilk. Furthermore, it was not the first time I had citomegalovirus (a reoccuring virus)which does not mean such a great danger for the baby. However, looking back on the bloodtests, it looks like I contracted for the first time in the pregnancy where we lost Ana. My pediatrician thinks there might have been a connection there between the virus and the severe preeclampsia. But, who knows. I thank God for my birthday boy and will think of all of you when we have the cake a little later today.

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