BP still high

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Re : BP still high

Postby mellybute » Fri May 28, 2010 01:45 pm

I am so sorry you are still having such horrible and scary things happening. Just seconding Alexa in that you should see an internist or cardiologist in regards to your blood pressure management. They are way more comfortable switching meds and getting the right combo for you. If you are not breastfeeding, there are many different medications you can take to control bp. I had very very high bp post partum and pp PE and I am now almost 10 months pp and still on one low dose medication. It took me awhile to accept that, but I have and am fine with it. If I can take a pill and keep my bp at 110/70, great, wonderful!

The TIA is scary and can often be a precursor to a larger stroke. You definitely want to do whatever you need to to keep your blood pressure within normal range.

My OB tried weaning me once I got out of ICU, but she would lower my dose on one med, while I checked my pressures at home, then come back in a week, recheck (and they were going down), she reduced med again, recheck in a week, stopped one med because it was still going down, then a week later stopped the last med. I continued checking my bp and this was 3 weeks pp, it shot back up.

That is when she handed me over to my internist and cardiologist and my cardio had my bp within normal good levels on ONE medication within an hour of taking it.

Everyone is different, but I would definitely get an internist/cardiologist on board!!

Wish you the best of luck and hang in there!!

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Re : BP still high

Postby alexa5 » Fri May 28, 2010 10:19 am

I agree with Trish...not sure why they are rushing because even people with fewer issues than yours are often on meds for several months postpartum. It does take a while for things to normalize sometimes, but I do think that in time yours will probably settle down.

In my case I had high pressures when I left the hospital, but I didn't have PP Pre-e or any complications. I just had bp that remained elevated. So, I was on labetalol alone, but that didn't work, so they added hctz, and that did the trick for me. Kept my bp down to a normal level. I think my pressures were okay at 3 mos, but I didn't start weaning until 6 mos PP. And by 8 mos was done with meds and am still doing fine...thank goodness!

It is better at this point to work with your general practitioner or internist/cardiologist, as they are much better at dealing with longer term hypertension and postpartum issues. OB's generally start to want to get out of the loop on this issue after the baby is born. My experience with them PP in the hospital, I just found them not to be very knowledgeable in that regard, and once discharged to my PCP who happens to be my OB as well, things were much better because they focused on getting me on the right meds.

Overall, I just want to say, as frustrating as it is to have issues PP, try to remain calm, know it happens to a lot of us, and that most of the time it works out just fine. Some of us might be on meds longer than others, but you will feel better as your body normalizes over the next few months. Try not to rush it, and don't let them feel like you have to rush off meds.

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Re : BP still high

Postby trish » Fri May 28, 2010 09:23 am

I have no idea what your chances for getting back to normal BP off meds is but I'm so confused as to why your Dr's are so quick to push you off BP meds? My understanding about weaning off BP meds is to watch your BP & as it gets consistently lower THEN decrease meds - not have a set schedule to get off of them!

You are only 2 weeks PP and so much is still going on with your body & hormones. If the labetalol alone isn't keeping your pressures down it would seem (in my non Dr. opinion) that you still need the norvasc. I was released on just labetalol & went back to the ER 4 days PP with sky high pressures & killer headache again. They added norvasc & I was on that combo for several months - not a couple of days!

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BP still high

Postby brandib » Thu May 27, 2010 04:28 pm

Hello everyone. I know I am only 14 day PP, but I am REALLLLLY hoping and praying my BP goes back to normal. I had REALLY high pressures in pregnancy and right after delivery, I mean right after, my pressures were normal for two days. 115/60. The day I was to be realeased my pressures decided to spike back up and some crazy stuff happened that kept me in the hospital a few more days on a padded bed. Well, they sent me home on my Labetelol but I was taking 400 three times a day and Norvasc. They took me off Norvasc and my weaning off Labetelol was as followed. 200mg three times a day for two days. 200 mg twice a day for two days and 100 mg twice a day for two days and I was suppose to be done and off meds. Well, as I was weaning, the last day of my last 100 mg actually, I had a TIA and pressure hit 170/120 and my face went numb etc, ( very similar to what happened to me in January) and my doctor put me back up to 400 twice a day which has kept them between 130/90 to 150/100 with still some pretty high spikes. My bottom number does not want to come down for the life of me. I'm so frustrated!!! I want this to all be over with. What do you ladies think my chances are of returning to compeltely normal BP again would be?????

side note-----The unbearable headaches I had for so long in pregnancy are almost gone, just some annoying headaches, but I've only had one unbearable headache and that was the night I had the TIA.

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