Postpartum Pre E clamp or NOT?

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Re : Postpartum Pre E clamp or NOT?

Postby sarah0381 » Thu Dec 03, 638939 4:15 am

I just had pppe 2wks ago. And yes your labs can be normal and still have pe. That's exactly what happened to me. I was in congestive heart failure because of it and was also put on mag sulfate. Please keep an eye on how you feel and I would call your ob and tell them what's going on. They know better than just the regular er doc. I hope you get better soon!!!! Good luck!!

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Re : Postpartum Pre E clamp or NOT?

Postby sonja » Wed Dec 02, 638939 8:18 pm

Hi Sheri - When you mentioned that you are starting to get a headache my warning bells went off. Hopefully it is nothing except for normal postpartum stuff, but if I were you I would want to get checked out again by someone who knows something about pre-e.

Take care and let us know how you are doing.

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Re : Postpartum Pre E clamp or NOT?

Postby kara » Wed Dec 02, 638939 2:32 pm

Post partum preeclampsia can occur up to 6 weeks post partum. Blood tests can change in a matter of hours and I see it's been a few days since you were tested. With a headache, and high pressures on HBP meds, as well as swelling, I'd get in for a repeat of blood work. Ask to see the OB or Perinatologist on call, not just the ER doctor. Post partum preeclampsia is very scary, so please be seen. Better safe than sorry. They can treat your symptoms aggressively since you are post partum. Keep us posted.

Sometimes it takes weeks to get back to normal, but you should listen to your intuition and your body.

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Postpartum Pre E clamp or NOT?

Postby charmednks » Mon Nov 30, 638939 11:10 pm

Hi I am new to the boards and so confused... I am 11 days Postpartum and had a beautiful Healthy baby girl.. by C-section.
I have been experiencing HP now since delivery as well as major Edema and swelling and now headaches. Was back in the hospital a few days ago and they said that all my labs come back normal.. so during PG and after they never found Protein in my Urine.. so what is exactly wrong with me what do I have then?.. My Bp was pretty normal during the PG.. now its 150/90. I am on a HP Med and also a diuretic which are helping taking the swelling away.. been very sick though with my stomach. Not sure if it is related to this or if its a separate issue.. if anyone has any ideas if I am in danger and the doctors are just not taking this seriously or should I just wait it out and see what happens.. the headaches just started today. That is why I think I am so scared now.. hearing all the horror stories of woman who got ill after having their babies.

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