Stopping in to say hi!

So, the baby's born, what comes next? Discuss your postpartum and parenting concerns here.
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Re: Stopping in to say hi!

Postby celticepona » Thu Sep 27, 639240 3:40 pm

Hi There! Somebody I remember from way back! :) Glad to hear you and your girls are doing well. Nice to see you and don't be a stranger! :)
Amy. DH Rich.
Emily born 04/01/04 @ 37 weeks. 15 oz. Severe PE. Strict leftside bedrest 3 weeks before delivery, 2 weeks postpartum. Postpartum PE.
Isabelle born 04/19/08 @ 37 weeks. 6lbs 9 oz. PE. Under care of high risk peri and bp meds throughout preg.
IT'S A GIRL! Faith Michelle" due 06/18/11. Under care of high risk peri. On Aldomet for bps and antinausea meds.

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Re: Stopping in to say hi!

Postby rosalinda » Thu Feb 09, 639240 8:28 am

Hi Sabrina, thanks for posting the update. I'm glad you & your girls are doing well. Don't be a stranger and pop in here more often.
-Elissa, January 2007: stillborn at 25 weeks, severe PE, IUGR, reverse-end diastolic flow
- Chronic hypertension as of November 2007
-missed miscarriage Feb 2009
- Ismael Jaden, June 2010, 36 wks, oligohydramnios & rising BP's, my wonderful little man & the love of my life
- Janelle, September 2011, 24wks, 3days. complete placental abruption & DIC, stillborn

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Re: Stopping in to say hi!

Postby tracym » Wed Feb 08, 639240 9:16 pm

I was just thinking the other day that I hadn't seen you around and wondered how the hysterectomy went. Glad to hear it went well. Nice oldest just turned 10 but it still feels like yesterday that I was in hospital waiting day by day.

Jack - 37 weeks Feb '01 (mild PE dx 33 weeks)
Kate - 33 weeks Feb '05 (severe PE dx 31 weeks)

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Stopping in to say hi!

Postby missgamecock » Tue Feb 07, 639240 4:05 pm

It's been a while since I have been here. I had a hysterectomy in November 2010. BEST decision ever. No more bleeding, cramping, endo issues. I think my hormones are a little low, so I am going to see my obgyn on Friday to get it adjusted. It's a little freeing to know I will never have to go through PE again.

Cate turned 2 on January 16th and is a little firecracker. She is right on for height, weight, and age appropriate stuff.

Sara was diagnosed with adhd last week and we started her on ritalin. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! I have my sweet adorable little girl. I was worried about starting on her meds. With her starting school, her issues just exploded. With medicine, she is better able to focus and control her impulses.

Kirsten is turning 12 at the end of the month. Hard to believe that almost 12 years ago I was in an icu maternity room fighting for my life. They say time heals all wounds. While that is easier, you always remember. Kirsten is a straight A honors student who dances. She is even doing a student assistantship with dance. Hard to believe she was that tiny baby I couldn't hold after she was born because I was too sick.

Just wanted to stop in and say hi!!

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