still feel really weak 8 weeks postpartum

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Re: still feel really weak 8 weeks postpartum

Postby joker » Wed Apr 01, 639564 8:58 pm

After we lost Abby, it took a good six months before I felt "normal" again and had strength back. HTH!
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Re: still feel really weak 8 weeks postpartum

Postby alviarin » Thu May 02, 639563 4:59 am

I was so swollen with my son they gave me a diuretic after delivery to help get rid of the extra fluid. I was also very weak but I was also very anemic. It took a couple of months of extra iron (per docs orders) for me to feel human again.

I have one friend who had weakness and edema weeks postpartum due to peripartum cardiomyapathy. That is extremely rare though, even more so than preeclampsia.

What do your docs have to say about the swelling?
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still feel really weak 8 weeks postpartum

Postby arj726 » Thu May 02, 639563 2:16 am

I was diagnosed with mild pre eclampsia on my due date and then was immediately induced. Now, 8 weeks later, I still feel very very weak, have very sore and tight muscles, still get some headaches, and still have swollen feet, legs, and ankles. But my BP was fine when I went in for my 6 week check. Anyone else have this experience? It's pretty miserable :(

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