Iv had my 3rd and last :(

So, the baby's born, what comes next? Discuss your postpartum and parenting concerns here.
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Re: Iv had my 3rd and last :(

Postby MomTimesThree » Sat Jul 24, 640523 12:45 pm

I am so very sorry for the loss of your son.

I'm thankful to hear you are slowly but surely recovering. I certainly understand the emotional drain of the post partum recovery taking longer than expected- it's almost insult to injury after already having a difficult pregnancy.

I will keep crossables crossed that in time you will be able to be med free, and like you say, a second opinion never hurts.

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Re: Iv had my 3rd and last :(

Postby christina89 » Fri Apr 20, 640204 3:32 am

Well since my first post iv been able to bring my bp down and come off my adalat. I needed another dose of the depo they looked back on my records and it indicated the same problem after I had my 3 year old. Now I'm on 4 mg of Coversal and my bp is sitting at 125/75 sometimes 130/80 I just seen my Dr today and he wants me to stay on te Coversal for another 3 months then he will ither cut it down to 2mg or take me off of it. I'm so bummed I figured I would get to come off of it to because my bp is lower than normal for me but I guess not yet. He figures eventually I will come off it entirely but the wait is hard. After my oldest I came of my pills by 3 months even after the same set back and did fine. I guess he's just being extra careful. I'm going to see my ob for a check up and I'm going to double check with him as well never gets to have a second opinion. Blah but all in all I guess this has turned put much better than I thought it would 2 months ago. After all of this I am glad I'm done having babies. It becomes stressful after my history. I'm blessed everyday to have my two girls

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Re: Iv had my 3rd and last :(

Postby alviarin » Sat Jan 28, 640204 5:53 am

So sorry you are dealing with postpartum blood pressure issues, as if preeclampsia wasn't bad enough on it's own!

After my second baby, my blood pressure peaked a week post partum on a high dose of BP meds. I wasn't put on meds until after delivery, and over the next several weeks my blood pressure came down to a new baseline. Still a little high, so my doc reccomended I stay on a low dose of BP meds to lower my long term risks. Since then I have discovered that I'm salt sensitive. Plus my BP tends to be higher around my period. My GP said that it isn't uncommon for women to have slightly higher pressures during their periods, and even prescribed me a diuretic to use for those couple of days a month when my pressures were running a little higher due to hormones. I have noticed that if I'm careful about what I eat (nothing too salty/eating out) my BP doesn't go up as much even when I'm on my period.

My GP did say she wasn't worried if I had a couple diastolic readings in the low 90s, but higher than that my risks would go up long term due to hypertension. I also saw a cardiologist postpartum to get a second opinion, since I was still dealing with high BPs a couple months postpartum.

Were you on the depo shot before? I know some women have experienced side effects with hormonal birth control. You also might want to talk to your docs about whether a birth control shot is the best option for you, since some women with a history of preeclampsia have been told to avoid certain kinds of hormonal birth control since we may be at greater risk of stroke/heart attack (long term) than the general population.

My first couple postpartum periods were always heavy/different from normal. Also if you are breastfeeding that can impact hormones too. I've also had long heavy periods in the past due to hypothyroidism, so if your next couple of periods are still weird I'd talk to my OB & GP.

Hope this helps, good luck!
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Iv had my 3rd and last :(

Postby christina89 » Sun Sep 11, 640203 2:17 pm

Ill start at the beginning and try make it quick. My first pregnancy in 2010 ended at 25 weeks my little boy did not make it. I had eclampsia. I came home after a week aprox. ( hard to remember exactly ) I was on Bp meds for a couple weeks but as far as I can remember I came off them good. Baby 2 2011 little girl Emy Christine Lee she will be 3 in August. :) she came early at 35 weeks 6 days. PIH no pree she are on her own no induction. I was on bp meds for a few weeks after her as well came off them pretty easy ( again I can't remember well) now baby 3 Peyton Elizabeth Dawn. She will be 2 months tomorrow. I PIH with her as well bp stayed well controlled I was on labatalol 800mg in total at the end. My OB was giving the go ahead from my MFM to induce me when he felt was time. My bp went up one night to 150/90 and I went in and was induced 20 min later they weren't taking chanea I was one day shy of 37 weeks they released baby and I 48 hours later my bp was elevated but not to bad my blood work came back perfect. 2 days after I was home my BP shot to 185/120 or something like that I went in and the dr tried to bring it down the next morning I asked to be transferred to my normal dr and he added 8 mg of coverlsayl ( sp? ) and adalat 30 mg to my already 800 mg of labatalol he started to take me off slowly as my bp started to drop. I came off all of my labatalol a d then the Coversal and stayed on adalat my bp was beautiful 125/75 very good for me stayed like that for a week then I got my period and it shot up to 150/90 I waited a day and went in he put me back on Coversal 4 mg this time it came back down nicely. 10 days later I still have my period I have no idea why they usually last 5 to 6 days. It's my first one since my pp period.. I'm confused I was doing so well then bam I get my period my bp goes up and my period won't go away. My dr is seeing me on the 29th if my bp goes low I'm to come off the adalat and stay on the Coversal for as long as need be. Iv been told absolutely no more babies. I'm blessed to have the ones I have. Any one else have a similar situation I feel like ill never get my life back. All my tests iv been sent in am have come back good. I am on the depo shot, and Im confused I don't know if my period caused it to go up or if something else did. I hope in the next few months I can come of these two pills. Thanks for reading. Iv missed this site so much!!!

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