Autism and Preeclampsia

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Re: Autism and Preeclampsia

Postby alviarin » Fri Jun 03, 2016 03:53 pm

Thanks for sharing, this is not something I have run across before.

I have seen research relating to maternal thyroid problems and autism, and even even subclinical hypothryoidism has been found to increase the risk of preeclampsia.

I have one kiddo with ADHD, and a good friend whose children are on the spectrum (but no history of pre-e). Both my mother-in-law and grandmother have had pre-e too.
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Autism and Preeclampsia

Postby Laura-Moakley-facebook » Tue May 31, 2016 00:13 am

I am just curious if any other parents have a in their son/ daughter with Autism after having preeclampsia?

My son was just diagnosed with mild Autism in March of this year after turning 2. During my second pregnancy ( my first was severe preeclampsia and HELPP with my daughter) with this pregnancy I was put on daily injections of lovenox, put on bed rest at 6 months and made it to 39 weeks.

I have a friend on Long Island also who tried again ( went on to her second pregnancy after preeclampsia) her son also was just diagnosed with mild autism. I just find the coincidence to just be outstanding.

With Autism more prevalent in the media I was doing more research and found this research article regarding how preeclampsia may affect abnormal neurodevelopment.

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