new Lucy photos and UGH! immunizations

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Re : new Lucy photos and UGH! immunizations

Postby amym » Sat Apr 07, 637342 4:07 pm

Melissa Joi,

My daughter had no reactions to any vaccinations until her flu shot, which gave her a 103-degree fever. I was so mad because I wasn't going to vaccinate her, since it was optional and because it contained a small amount of thimerosal, but I was so afraid that she'd get the flu and get very ill due to her having had growth restriction.

The fever lasted two days, then was gone. She was fine otherwise. I'm also scared by every vaccination but have a sister in family practice who has seen a fair amount of very sick babies with illnesses encephalitis that would not have occurred, had they been vaccinated. That scares me even more!

By the way, Lucy is ADORABLE. And Peyton too.

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Re : new Lucy photos and UGH! immunizations

Postby annes » Tue Mar 27, 637342 8:06 am

What beautiful children you have! WOW. Parker always feels a little off and fevery after the dreaded shots, and my pediatrician keeps a record. Glad to hear Lucy is feeling better!

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Re : new Lucy photos and UGH! immunizations

Postby deerhart » Tue Mar 27, 637342 5:07 am

I know my mom said I would have fevers and sleep most of the day after immunizations, and that is what my MIL reports about my husband. yet neither of our boys had reactions to any of the vaccinations at all.. no fevers, no sleepiness, no pain, not even bruises in the injection area. Heck last set Mason got he didn't even cry.

We had decided right off with both boys because of the problems in the pregnancies to delay the schedule by a few weeks in order to give them more time to recoup from their rough start. We also have given the booster shots at the long end of the time period (it ranges from like 6-9/12 week windows depending on the vaccine). We continued this with Alex becuase he was ill with ear infections and such so much the 2nd half of the first year. With Mason, we went back to a more regular schedule after the 2nd set with no reaction.

On the other hand, we came about 1 day away from having infant chicken pox too because we waited an extra 2 months to get the vaccine (luckily he didn't catch it).



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Re : new Lucy photos and UGH! immunizations

Postby april » Sat Mar 03, 637342 11:57 pm


She is tooooo cute![:X] I just loved the pictures!

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Re : new Lucy photos and UGH! immunizations

Postby meljoi » Mon Feb 19, 637342 7:39 pm

I feel so nelly....
it just really freaked me out-
like I said, Peyton never had a reaction,
so Lucy getting all fevery and not being herself freaked me out.
After a bath late in the day, she seemed more herself.
Thank you for your responses....ahhhh, sweet neurosis!!
Lucy got her 2 month shots at 2.5 months and she just got her 4 mo. shots at 4.5 months, so they are still spaced 2 months apart....
my mother did tell me that all of us kiddos spiked very high fevers after our brother would get up to 104. She said our 4 months always seemed worse.....
I feel like I should be a "seasoned" mom at this point, but there
is still so much that tweaks nice to have a gaggle of gals
to call on!
I believe in immunizing, and when my brother told me that had decided to wait-I informed him of the negative side of waiting-I am definitely not a "soap box" kinda gal, but told him that it is ultimately their decision, but I wouldn't risk it with Peyton and Lucy......and then she spiked a fever and was all "blobby"-and I was like WHAT DID I DO TO HER!
Thankfully, we are back to abnormal!
Thanks again girls!!!

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Re : new Lucy photos and UGH! immunizations

Postby angelkat » Fri Feb 09, 637342 3:58 am

Lucy has gotten so big and never mind the big Payton man!...

Sorry Lucy wasn't feeling well after her shots. Casey ran a slight fever at his 4 month shots. But haven't had a problem since....

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Re : new Lucy photos and UGH! immunizations

Postby mamc2003 » Fri Feb 09, 637342 3:42 am

Both of your children are beautiful. Lucy has such a grown-up smile.

DD1 had all of her shots and only ran 101 with most of them. DD2, Avery, had her 2 month shots fine, but they added Prevnar to her 4 month shots. She ran 103 temp for 3 days. I didn't take her in until the 3rd day, b/c I figured it was normal. Anyway, the ped took a look at her and couldn't find anything wrong. She took bloodwork and all of her labs came back fine. Ped thinks it was a reaction from the Prevnar. Since it is not required yet for school admissions, I have declined that vax since. She hasn't had another problem with shots. Sorry your little one wasn't feeling well.

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Re : new Lucy photos and UGH! immunizations

Postby jjbeck » Thu Feb 08, 637342 10:45 pm

OMG! Those PICS are so cute.

RE: vax. My sis had seizures from vax ( due to fever) and her 1st baby was hospitalized after her 1st set of shots, my brother has epilepsy and being that Ava already has an increased risk of of seizure from the CP, we did give her some vax but waited on others and only did one vax at a time. While I do agree there is a lot of bad info out there on the web re dangers, there is also a lot mis info re safety.
I agree, tylenol if great if your concern is fever. The neuro advised me to give it BEFORE the shot and not wait for a fever.
Now back to bad info. I think if you are really concerned, I would contact the CDC AND the drug manufacturer of whatever vax. This is what I did when I had lots of questions and had a family HX of vax injury.
Also, have you asked your Ped what they did w/ there own children? Interestingly many of the docs we know here did not follow the recommended schedule w/ their own children.
Just because there is a alot of "HYPE" about all of the "hype", don't be afraid to ask questions. Trust your gut.

One last thing, there is a childhood neuro forum based out of MASS General i think. There are mothers on there that have 1st hand accounts of vax reactions I am sure they would be more than willing to give you their input.

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Re : new Lucy photos and UGH! immunizations

Postby meg hanrahan » Thu Feb 08, 637342 9:52 pm

Both of my daughters have had slight fevers when ever they have had their shots. Tylenol does the trick and they seem perfectly fine otherwise. I get more upset when I have to hold them down and hear their cries when they actually get the shot. Tears my heart!

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Re : new Lucy photos and UGH! immunizations

Postby deerhart » Thu Feb 08, 637342 8:15 pm

You also have to be aware of time tables with vaccines. If the booster shots aren't given within a certain time frame it can cause you to have to start the entire series over again


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