My Website is UP...Spanish gifts for Loss babies

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My Website is UP...Spanish gifts for Loss babies

Postby tacarril » Tue Jan 02, 2007 10:49 pm


Hi All,

I have finally finished my website. When I lost My triplets this past September I wanted to have something to remember them by. I had a very hard time finding remembrance items for BGB Triplets. So I decided to start my own website, in honor of my babies. Unlike most women I do not have great pictures of our babies to post on a Memorial website. So this is my way of keeping the memory of my triplets alive. I am now selling Loss of Baby, items. Personalized shirts, Mugs, pins for Mothers who have Angel Babies. I have items available for Singletons, Triplets, Twins and Multiple losses. Please check out my site. ALSO I HAVE ALL MY ITEMS AVAILABLE in SPANISH. E-mail me if there is something you are looking for.....

We are Mothers of Angels, our purpose was to carry, love and nurture the worlds future Angels.

Trish Carrillo

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