A Near-Death Birthing Story

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christine lyn
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Re : A Near-Death Birthing Story

Postby christine lyn » Sat May 15, 638315 6:12 am

Boy that sounds almost like me. I procrastinate and put off the way I felt for a few day's because I had an appointment with my doctor in two day's and was going to wait it out but decided to call the doctor and went in and they could not find my babies heart beat. When they did find his heart beat they said I was having my baby that night and that things just kept getting worse as the night went on. I don't think I fully understood how bad things were until after when they rushed me into the emergency room for a c-section. I didn't know how my son was being born so early at 29 weeks. Anyway he just turned 4 the other day and he's fine. I think about if I did wait for my appointment my son would have died because I procrastinated. Something that day made me call the doctor and I'm so blessed that I did.

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A Near-Death Birthing Story

Postby caryn » Sat May 15, 638315 4:23 am

...I never liked that I’m too much of a stickler to miss appointments. But in this case, stick-to-it-ness may have saved my life.

We checked in and learned that my blood pressure had spiked. I had severe preeclampsia and needed to be started on magnesium sulfate to prevent a seizure...

http://parenting.blogs.nytimes.com/2008 ... ing-story/

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