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Alteration of (P-LAP) activity in preeclampsia

Posted: Mon Feb 15, 2010 02:13 pm
by caryn
Recently, it was shown that [P-LAP] could also regulate metalloproteinase 9 activity and thus, invasiveness of trophoblastic cells. Since development of preeclampsia could be initiated by decreased cytotrophoblastic invasion of spiral arterioles and a reduced uteroplacental perfusion, we speculate that circulating P-LAP activity could be decreased during preeclampsia... P-LAP activity was significantly lower in sera of preeclamptic women (0.91+/-0.122 mDO/min) as compared to normotensive controls (1.41+/-0.103 mDO/min; p=0.003) irrespective of time of delivery...

So *yet another* weird serum value. In this case, it's a protein that the placenta needs to dig in properly, and it's lower in the PE patients than the normotensive patients.

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