Preeclampsia Twitter chat on Tuesday, May 11

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Preeclampsia Twitter chat on Tuesday, May 11

Postby eleni » Mon May 10, 2010 03:58 pm

Here's the announcement from our friends at the March of Dimes... Follow @preeclampsia and JOIN US TOMORROW!

Pregnancy Chat on Preeclampsia
Ever wonder why they take your blood pressure and have you pee in a cup at every prenatal visit? Ever heard of preeclampsia? If you are worried about it or have had it, join us tomorrow for our pregnancy chat on Hypertension, Preeclampsia, and HELLP Syndrome. We will be having a special guest from the Preeclampsia Foundation joining us.

It’s on Twitter May 11th at 3pm EDT. Just follow #pregnancychat to learn about the complications of high blood pressure in your pregnancy. Jump into the conversation at anytime to ask questions or tell us your experience.

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