Who is still here?

Are you considering having another child after preeclampsia? Trying again after preeclampsia can be an emotional challenge. You can find support with others who share your concerns here.
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Re : Who is still here?

Postby sjs40 » Sun Nov 06, 2005 01:21 pm

I think I might be here, just for a couple of months once af shows up after m/c. I said never again, but we always said we would try until end of 2005. Not exactly going to try, just not going to prevent until Jan 06 when I will have a new Mirena iud. I can't quite give up yet.

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Re : Who is still here?

Postby jaymee444 » Sun Nov 06, 2005 12:00 am

still here.

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Re : Who is still here?

Postby jen44 » Sun Nov 06, 2005 10:59 am

I chickened out last month (was going to be the first month trying) but I think this month we are going to be brave enough ... there are some days I think I am strong enough to go through this again and some days I am not so sure, but those days are getting fewer.

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Re : Who is still here?

Postby grace04 » Sun Nov 06, 2005 10:17 am

Still here.... No AF since 8/31...!!!! Just finally got presecribed something to induce it... (sigh).... Will likely go back on Clomid once she rears her ugly head...

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Re : Who is still here?

Postby kdreher » Sun Nov 06, 2005 07:46 am

I'm still here...waiting for AF to show up in about 10-14 days and we'll beging clomid and IUI this month. Just got all my "goodies" from the pharmacist.

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Re : Who is still here?

Postby rebecca » Sat Nov 05, 2005 11:45 am

Still here too! Still trying the "natural" way (with OPKs), but have done some very preliminary testing at the RE. If nothing happens this month, we're doing the clomid challenge next month and the HSG - ugh. I'm on a good prenatal, vit c, fish oil, calcium Next month the RE wants me to start taking baby aspirin. I'm hoping that there is something catagious on these boards and that we'll continue to see lots of BFPs in November and December!

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Re : Who is still here?

Postby lucy » Sat Nov 05, 2005 01:27 am

Yap Ime still here too, I have to wonder if I had been at home and not in Ky if we wouldnt be sporting a bfp too since I ovulated during that time.

As for what we are doing not much really since I am too scared to do much, hope you all get your bfps soon. Good luck!!!!!

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Re : Who is still here?

Postby alimarie » Sat Nov 05, 2005 00:42 am

Still here! We are not doing anything beyond natural. Have plans to visit the doctor at the first of hte year if still nothing. It has been a long road...almost two full years so I am struggling with the mix of feeling hopeful and doubtful each month. If I ever do get my BFP I will be incredulous! I can't wait to feel that....Good luck to us all. It is amazing how many have gotten positives recently. LEt's all catch this wave or start the next!

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Re : Who is still here?

Postby froggie89 » Fri Nov 04, 2005 07:34 pm

I'm still here too!! I want to drink the water that all those ladies had! Goodness - I didn't think there would be soooo many BFP's! Well, hopefully November will be the month for all of us!

We're doing the "natural" thing and I have used OPK's in the past (when ttc Alexander). I don't chart. I think I may go back to the OPK's.

I'm taking vit c, prenatal vit, and mega dose of folic acid (4000 mcg). I'm still on the Labetelol (sp??). My OB and peri have said I can do the aspirin thing to see if it helps this time.

Good Luck to us all! Hope there are some BFP's soon!!! :)

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Re : Who is still here?

Postby melissam » Fri Nov 04, 2005 06:11 pm


Am I done TTC or am I not done....now there is a question. [:D]. I have actually decided to just let happen what is going to happen. So I am not TTC like I was, but I am not preventing anything. I am also still doing the Clomid just to help things along if need be.

It has actually been really nice this cycle. I haven't let it consume me like it did before. But I have missed the window of opportunity for delivering here with my doctors, so the pressure is off. So am I ttc? yes and no. I am only temping because the doctor told me to tell him if it was helping with ovulating earlier. Otherwise I wouldn't have done that either.

I took the OPK because I had 2 left over from last cycle. I am still getting used to all of these fertility signs and I wasn't sure if what I was seeing was EWCM, so I thought I would see if it was....I guess it was. [;)]

But Wednesday I took my bp and it was slightly elevated again. Grrrr [>)] So I think I may hold off until I can get that back under control and get some weight off again. I guess I don't know what I am doing. I want to be pregnant so Badly, but it drive me up the wall when I am not. I am just trying to let go and be happy when/if it happens.

Good luck to you on your Clomid Challenge. I know you have had a difficult time with it.

Kim, Good luck with the IVF. I hope it works the first time.

Kristen, I hope you get your BFP very soon.

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