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Re : PCOS and Pre-eclampsia

Posted: Sun Jun 25, 2006 01:07 am
by cathyinwa

Just to let you know, glucophage can be taken during pregnancy. I have type II diabetes and I took it during my entire pregnancy.

One of the side effects of glucophage is increased risk of pregnancy.

And there has been studies about it and pregnancy in woman with PCOS. You might do some research at PUBMED.


Re : PCOS and Pre-eclampsia

Posted: Sun Jun 18, 2006 11:33 pm
by pigletmsu
I was diagnosed with PCOS after giving birth to my first child (I had a cyst the size of DS's head by the time he was delivered--lost that ovary in the process). So after having him they ran all the necessary tests and diagnosed me. They put me on Metformin (glucophage) to help regulate the sugar (it did help).

I myself have had short luteal phases as well. I had it after my first child, and after going off BCPs and starting to chart again after DD #2, I am on month 4 and realized that the past 3 months I've had luteal phases of 8-9 days. I was actually going to talk to my dr about it next month at my physical. I had to go on prometrium after DS#1 to lengthen my luteal phase and it did work.

Anyway, it is helpful to see that a short luteal phase is happening with other PCOS people. I was beginning to worry this month wondering if I was going to end up infertile. But I see now that if I go on a few drugs, I'll be fine again and can try for #3.

I know it's been mentioned here already, but the drugs I mentioned before, metformin and prometrium really do work for most people, and if they don't, clomid (a fertility enhancer) has worked for 2 of my friends. ( And so far no resulting twins).

Re : PCOS and Pre-eclampsia

Posted: Sat Jun 03, 2006 05:20 pm
by mommy1st
Before my husband and I got married we knew that we wanting kids and soon!! So we started to get a start on it early, LOL :) Well 6 months went by and we still weren't pregnant so I went to an ob/gyn and told him what was going on. He did an ultrasound on me, just to make sure I wasn't pregnant and found what looks like grapes all over my ovaries and he diagnosed me with PCOS and my other symptoms I have. He put me on clomid and with one cycle I got pregnant( on our wedding night of all nights!!) :)
My son was born at 33 weeks with me having severe preeclampsia. We are now in our first technical month of "trying" for #2. I just saw my doctor last week and he told me to try to loose weight, eat healthy, and take my vitamins. If I do that then I MIGHT not have to be on clomid but it all depends and that every women's body is different what could work for you might not work me kind of thing. So if I am not pregnant by Dcemeber then I have to make an appointment to see him to get on Clomid.

I hope this helps you out in any way. I am also glad to see that there are other people out there like myslef with PCOS. I think we should have our own forum, that would be neat?? :)

Wishing you all the best

Re : PCOS and Pre-eclampsia

Posted: Sun May 28, 2006 04:46 pm
by jdsmom
Liza - Ha! Ya, the pill does cover over a lot of things; unfortunately, it's somewhat counterproductive when your ttc [;)]

SJS40 - That is horrible that no connection was ever noted by your docs with your pcos and gest. diabetes and pre-e. When I was pregnant with Jimmy, I went to a natural birthing center, and I had extremely high blood pressure from very early on, but it was pawned off as just "nerves" from being at the dr.'s office. I have a feeling that the RE I am going to see may be a bit astounded with the laxadaisical (sp?) sort of care I was given prior to our emergency c-section. Were you seeing a peri with either of your pregnancies? I've never seen a peri, but plan to whenever number 2 comes along - and I really hope they know their stuff (I don't want to be the one with the greater wealth of knowledge on all this - they need to be more of an expert than me - that's why I'm paying them [^]).

Thank you for your thoughts! It means a lot to get opinions and knowledge from other ladies who have been there. I know we've all been down some bumpy roads, some much more bumpy than others [:(]. I hope I can be an encouragement to you too in the future.

Re : PCOS and Pre-eclampsia

Posted: Sun May 28, 2006 04:09 pm
by sjs40
I took the natural route too, and I'm convinced it helped. I also was on Metformin for just 6wks before I conceived the 2nd time (had been trying for 7 months before that). Co-incidence or not? I don't know, I wasn't on anything at all the first time I conceived - I didn't think I could get pregnant without medical assistance!

I just noticed I didn't mention I got gestational diabetes both pregnancies and needed insulin both times - probably connected to pcos. I have now been diagnosed with type 2.

I'm sure all these things are connected, and am horrified I wasn't aware while carrying Ellie.

Re : PCOS and Pre-eclampsia

Posted: Sun May 28, 2006 02:47 pm
by liza
I am really starting to think that I need to get back on the pill! :)

Re : PCOS and Pre-eclampsia

Posted: Sun May 28, 2006 09:35 am
by jdsmom
I have had irregular periods too since not long after I actually started getting them. I was put on birth control to regulate things, and later conceived Jimmy our first month off of them (I've read that that is often the case with PCOSers as that is when their hormones are most in check). A few months after Jimmy was born I went back on the pill. I got off the pill again back in the fall for 3 months to see if it had any connection with migraines that I had been getting - that's when I realized my cycles were still irregular at 24 days, 35 days, and 39 days [:0]. (my migraines actually became more frequent off the pill too). Since then, I've done some research on PCOS and recognize the low-carb diet etc. is supposed to help. I'm not overweight and my bmi is around 21, but I found that after coming off the pill just a couple months ago and being more aware and in tune with my body, that I genuinely do not process the white flour and sugar or processed foods well at all (serious cramps and feeling like I could doze off at any second). Still - every now and then you do have to appease your sweet tooth [:I]. Really, I think being on the birth control pill all these years has kept some of the heavier PCOS symptoms at bay, and now coming off of it, I recognize some problems that didn't present themselves on the pill. I've always had the ridiculous teenage acne, and been more hairy - but on the pill, my cycles were regular and I could tolerate carbs better. If we still haven't conceived in a few months, I think I will look into acupuncture as I've heard a lot of good things about it too. Thank you for your responses!

Re : PCOS and Pre-eclampsia

Posted: Sat May 27, 2006 06:24 pm
by liza
I have actually been diagnosed w/ pcos since I was a teenager. I didn't really understand it, i just knew that my periods were irregular, so I went on the pill. I never really looked much more into it until the last few years, since I have been off the pill, when I was trying to get preg & now that I am trying to lose weight.

What I have found is that you need to be very proactive about pcos. I don't think a lot of doctors really understand it (at least mine). Most seem to say that the best thing to do to reduce pcos symptoms is to lose weight. I am finding it very difficult to do this. I know what I need to do, eat healthy, low sugar/carb & exercise. The reality is that sometimes my cravings get the best of me & I can't just go to the gym every night like I used to before having a baby! (I know, excuses, excuses...) But it isn't easy.
I had one dr put me on glucophage...i took it for about a month, did lose a little weight, but had GI problems with it, plus I didn't really like the dr much, so stopped taking it.
I do go to acupuncture & I really believe that it did help me to conceive on my first clomid cycle. I still go, and my periods are appearing to get a little more normal. :)

Re : PCOS and Pre-eclampsia

Posted: Sat May 27, 2006 04:59 pm
by raspbeari
I studied some nutrition in school, and PCOS was included in the symptom picture along with insulin resistence, high blood pressure, and something else maybe?
Insulin resistence is thought to be present in the apple shaped person, who has a bigger/ or almost bigger waist than hips.

My hunch is that preeclampsia is linked with insulin resistence.

If it were me, I'd see if I could turn around the insulin resistence before I got pregnant. There are tons of books on this now. Mostly it was suggested to do a lower carb diet, to increase muscle with lifting weights(the idea is to get the bmi to a healthier ratio), getting some walking in every day couldn't hurt either.
I think there is also metaforin sp? to take for insulin resistence and pcos but I'm not sure if it is safe for pregnancy.
I sometimes visit a low carb board, and there is a PCOS section, I'm not sure if the women have been able to turn around the PCOS, but I think I remember some did.

Hey, I'm glad your son is doing so well. Good luck with everything


Re : PCOS and Pre-eclampsia

Posted: Sat May 27, 2006 03:19 pm
by jdsmom
Hi ladies,
Thanks for your feedback and encouragement; it's nice to know that there are others out there who are in similar shoes to mine. I'm hoping maybe there is something I can take once we do conceive to help keep the PCOS, and thus maybe pre-e too, under control. Did anybody's doctor do anything different their second round after being diagnosed with PCOS and pre-e?

SJS40 - so you conceived without progesterone or anything two times? I've been trying the all natural route to linken my luteal phase - vitex, b6, progesterone cream; it seems to have worked as last month it was only 7 days, but this month I made it to 10. I'm going to try to add in evening primrose oil and red rasberry leaf too to see if that helps out any more. Regardless, I have a feeling that precription progesterone would be stronger and more effective though. Anybody else had any luck with natural treatments?