Went to doctor...a little good news

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Re : Went to doctor...a little good news

Postby jmayes03 » Sat Aug 24, 637985 1:43 am


Your doctor sounds great!! We go on Wednesday and I'm hoping to hear the same as you. Email me any time you need too!


rachel a
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Re : Went to doctor...a little good news

Postby rachel a » Wed Jul 31, 637985 9:26 pm

I'm impressed with your doctor and frankly, I wish there were more like that in my area!

This is good news! I'm so happy for you!

for faith
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Re : Went to doctor...a little good news

Postby for faith » Wed Jul 31, 637985 5:53 pm

Nikkole - What a great appt!!! Your dr sounds very similar to mine I started seeing after having my daughter. I know for me it helped mentally greatly to have a dr like her. Wishing you the best!!! Thinking of you.

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Re : Went to doctor...a little good news

Postby katevans » Sat Jul 20, 637985 12:55 pm

It sounds like a great appointment. I also lost my daughter to NEC. She was born at 28 weeks, and lived for twenty days.
My Peri had me do the exact same as yours. The baby ASA, calcium, and I also did a omega 3 fatty acid vitamin. I did not test positive for any underlying disorders, and had no complications from PE or HELLP with Thomas. My recovery from my PE-Free pregnancy was soooo much easier then the first. I think that is probably because I was so sick. I wish you the best with your TTC efforts.

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Re : Went to doctor...a little good news

Postby catherine » Sat Jul 20, 637985 9:38 am

I agree with Heather, your OB's advice and recommendations are very much in line with what our Experts support for a well-monitored and conservatively managed pregnancy. The reason that OBs like to see hypertension controlled before you start TTC is that they anticipate that the closer to normal your BP is, the easier the job of establishing a strong and healthy placenta will be. The science is beginning to indicate that if these early steps of pregnancy go well, then the more positive the outlook for events towards the end.

I like that she spelled it all out for you. Once the time comes, you need to be aware that not all of those steps may be taken. This won't mean that she's renaging on her commitment to take care of you, hopefully it will mean that the next pregnancy is going so well that no interventions are required!

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Re : Went to doctor...a little good news

Postby heather j » Sat Jul 20, 637985 2:31 am

I'm so sorry you lost your sweet baby Ella, but it sounds like she was looking out for her mama today. Your doctor sounds EXCELLENT! What a relief; right? Your gameplan sounds very similar to the one I established with my peri after my pe/hellp experience. I was also tested for underlying disorders and tested positive - I was on lovenox for the entire pregnancy and lda from preconception. Your schedule of appointments is identical to mine as well. My last pregnancy, though ridiculously stressful, was completely different than my first one - I went in expecting to develop PE again, and to my utmost shock, I didn't. It sounds like the two of you are taking all the necessary steps to set you up well for a future pregnancy. I'm also a two-time c-section gal, but mine wasn't classical. Getting your bp under control is a good idea, too; sometimes it just takes time (and meds!). I'm really happy for you that had such an informative and positive appointment [:)].


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Went to doctor...a little good news

Postby mom2ella » Fri Jul 19, 637985 10:40 pm

I lost my Ella on 5/31/07 after she lived only 3 weeks. She left us due to NEC and RDS (complications of prematurity). She was born at 27 weeks but was small for her age. I LOVE her so much and could NEVER replace her...she was my FIRST baby and my FIRST love, but we are anxious to try to start an earthly family. I think Ella sent us a little hope today. I met with a maternal-fetal doctor today and these were her responses to my two pages of questions. Sorry it's long but I just wanted some opinions/advice/more questions/encouragement...I don't know...just tell me what you think.

So here goes. She said that she wouldn't have done anything differently from the time that I was admitted to the hospital but she couldn't speak for before that because she wasn't my doctor. She said that given the circumstances now if I were to come in with 3+ protein in my urine, swelling, rapid weight gain, and BP in the 150's I would be admitted to the hospital for at least a 24 hour screening. These are the things that I had going on when I was put on bed rest 5 days before I ended up in the hospital and 10 days before Ella was born. This made me feel good about my next pregnancy, but makes me wonder if my delivery could have been put off later if they would've treated me sooner. It makes me so angry that you're not considered "high risk" with these extra precautions until you've already had it (and had to lose a baby in our case). So, moving on. I apparently only had a mild form of HELLP but really severe PE. It was the HELLP (low platelets) that made them have to deliver. She said my chances
of getting PE again are 30-70% and my chances of getting HELLP again are 3-5%. When I do get pregnant I will be on prenatal vitamins plus a baby aspirin and extra calcium. She ordered a ton of blood tests for underlying disorders and the Heparin/Lovenox will be considered if I actually do have one of the disorders. She said that I will potentially be put on bed rest, but not automatically (basically, if she starts to see any symptoms). Any symptoms could also mean a hospital stay, even if it's just to do a 24 hour screen. My
BP was high today again, I think because I was very nervous and anxious (160/100). She put me back on BP meds and said we have to get it under control before trying again, even if it means I have to stay on meds. She wants it to be less than 140/90. She said she wants me to wait until the beginning of the year to TTC. She initially said 6 months which would mean same conception time and due date as Ella and she thinks that it might be too emotional and stressful so she asked that we wait till January. I think I'm okay with that. She wants
me to see a cardiologist to monitor my BP also. She wants me to try to lose 2-3 pounds/month until conception but didn't seem too worried about my weight. She told me to start taking prenatal vitamins in October and the aspirin/calcium will not start until a positive pg test. They will do a baseline 24 hour urine in my first trimester but nothing before. I will see her for the first time at 6 weeks and they will do an ultrasound to make sure it is a viable pregnancy. I
will see them 2x/month for first and second trimester and 2x/week in the third trimester. They will do ultrasounds very frequently and NST's in the last trimester. Bio-physical profiles will depend on results of NST's. They are going to check for blood flow and all of that. Regardless of complications, I cannot go past 36 weeks because I had the type of c-section where my incision is horizontal but the one on my uterus is vertical and it's dangerous to go into
labor apparently with that type of cut. So they will do an amnio at 36 weeks to check lung development and then deliver again c-section. VBAC is not an option for me. I also asked off the top of my head if miscarriage is more likely after something like this and she said no. She was very encouraging and said that she is currently working with a few women with very similar situations that are having very successful pregnancies. I really liked her and felt good when I left that I would be seeing them again. She said that she would want me to call
with ANY concerns and that her office is used to dealing with these situations and paranoid mothers.

So, that is my news...tell me what you think. Thank you, Ella, for
sending me some hope!

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