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Re : underlying disorders

Posted: Tue Jan 22, 638318 7:09 am
by kara
I took the list to the MFM after I got the referral to see him. I asked him what tests he'd be running, and he listed all of these so I didn't have to "ask" for anything specific. I think it worked wasn't like I was telling him how to do his job. and he may have other testing that he/she does normally too. My MFM does some additional genetic testing if there was a HELLP diagnosis. I wouldn't worry about asking the OB for the tests, but rather focus on getting the referral. I actually called the OB and asked for the referral over the phone, rather than bothering with an appointment.

The OB may or may not know about all the tests, but the MFM will, and he/she will know the best lab to send the tests to for proper results. My MFM has ONE lab he sends coagulatopathy tests too...and only one because they are known to be specialists in those tests.

You can probably expect to have a CBC, and liver panel run, as well as a 24 hour urine to get a prepregnancy baseline.

Re : underlying disorders

Posted: Tue Jan 22, 638318 6:07 am
by rachaelann
thanks kara! i go to see my ob on the 15th with hopes that she will refer me to a peri or MFM. we would like to start TTC in january. ive lost about 15 pounds and have been exercising daily along with cutting out caffeine and stopping birth control pills. im doing anything i can think of to hopefully make this an easier, more enjoyable pregnancy. dont really know if any of these will help, but its worth a shot and i feel healthier for it. so this may sound dumb, but if i take this list to my OB she will know what all of these things are right? thanks again!

Re : underlying disorders

Posted: Sun Dec 30, 638317 2:55 am
by kara
Here is a list of tests that another member compiled, that is pretty thorough, as well as a link to "Ask the Experts":

"There are several lists of tests floating around on the various preeclampsia sites, but here is the most comprehensive one I've seen (my OB recommended most, but not all, of the tests):

Lieden Factor V mutation R560Q (DNA test by PCR)
Hyperhomocysteinemia MTHFR Mutation (DNA test by PCR)
Prothrombin Gene Mutation 20210 (GA) (DNA test by PCR)
Protein C levels
Protein S levels
Activated Protein C activity
Antibodies to 6 phospholipids of the IgM, IgG and IgA classes
Lupus anticoagulant antibody
Russell Viper Venom time
Activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT)
Prothrombin time (PT)and Partial prothrombin time (PPT)"

Re : underlying disorders

Posted: Wed Dec 19, 638317 6:47 pm
by kbunsey
If I remember correctly I was tested for Factor V Leiden, Lupus, MTHFR (specifically they're looking for the C667T and if you have that they then test for elevated homocysteine levels), thrombophelia, ... I can't remember them all, but it was A LOT. The regular OB ordered all these tests after my severe, early onset PE and S/B baby. It was about 20 tubes of blood. I was really glad that they looked for everything just to be sure there weren't any other problems.

Re : underlying disorders

Posted: Sun Oct 18, 638314 3:05 pm
by mommy1st

I'm not sure of a list but when I got pregnant this time around I saw a MFM and when I saw him for the first visit once my OB comfirmed my pregnancy he gave me a sheet to take to the lab. There they tested for any underlying disorders and that's how I found out I have a blood clotting disorder.
Maybe talk to your OB about referring you to a MFM and get tested there?

Hope this helps!

underlying disorders

Posted: Sat Oct 17, 638314 6:58 pm
by rachaelann
is there a list available anywhere that i can print off and take to my doctor for testing for underlying disorders? i KNOW that my OB only tested for the autoimmune disorders and from what ive read on here it seems like they have found many more underlying disorders related to PE.