Are you considering having another child after preeclampsia? Trying again after preeclampsia can be an emotional challenge. You can find support with others who share your concerns here.
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Postby sandy » Fri May 28, 2004 08:07 am

So as of about 3 days ago, I'm getting crabby about this "baby making on demand", (and DH is even crabbier than me), so we're cooling it for the rest of this cycle. Then yesterday FF finally drew a coverline and told me I have already ovulated (was wondering when this was going to finally happen...but my chart is just changing in increments, so it was hard to tell until now.)

Apparently, the timing was good, so that makes me hopeful. And now it appears it may be going triphasic; and even if so, that doesn't necessarity mean a pregnancy has been achieved. I'm supposedly at 8 DPO today. Last cycle (our first trying), I was feeling lots of pregnancy symptoms by this time, tested at 10 DPO, got a faint ++, and then it started not to stick at 12 DPO, and there it went. Not feeling any symptoms this time, so I'm guessing this month is shot. Which is fine for now.

So! To the irony. Does anyone else see it this way, as we are all in a similar situation: Months back I went to my Peri for a pre-pregnancy consulation, to say in so many words that

"I am about to intentionally put my life and a growing baby's life in danger (by becoming pregnant), possibly even risking death to one or both of us, and I'd like you to please manage the process, please, and get us as far along as we both can go without either one of us having significant consequences. And I realize that if I develop this potentially deadly condition, which could or could not turn for the worse at any moment, you really can not tell me what I could have done differently to prevent it, and since I've already had it once, my chances for getting it again are increased, but that you can't really tell me if I'll be getting it until the baby and I already showing symptoms and are at least somewhat in danger. Oh, and thank you for your help with's your co-pay!"

~Sandy/DD born via emergency C at 35 wks/1 day June '03 due to Severe PE/class III HELLP

Risk factors: HBP/asthma/high cholesterol

currently TTC for #2

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