How often?

Are you considering having another child after preeclampsia? Trying again after preeclampsia can be an emotional challenge. You can find support with others who share your concerns here.
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How often?

Postby alimarie » Thu Jul 01, 2004 09:55 pm

I have a very basic question: let me start with what will most likely be tmi!!

I say that i have been trying now for a good six months. by trying, i mean that i have been off b. control and hoping for +++ on a far nothing but disappointment. but when i think about these six months.. i have not been stringently trying. i am not sure when i ovulate. my cycles are not totally regular as far as same number of days between. i try to get in a couple of times (you know what i mean) when i think i am o ing. but have i really been "trying" hard enough?

How often do you guys try each cycle? i know a good rule of thumb is every other day but that hasn't always worked for us. i have wanted the attitude that i will trust God and He knows best for us. I TRULY believe that but am i need to do something more?

enough ranting

AliMarie---mommy to Madalyn Anne-born at 35 wks due to severe pe (9/18/2001 4lbs. 14oz.)

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