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Re: Can't Wait!!!

Posted: Thu Jul 19, 639240 8:39 pm
by preemomof2
Hi tamika,

Welcome. I am now beginning to ttc. I went to see my MFM today. He said that I should try again, and has placed me on baby aspirin, calcium, and prenatal vitamins. I actually started trying last month, however, I'm not pregnant. The doctor told me he had a good feeling. Well, I don't know how much that really means, but, it was good to hear. Iam very afraid becuse I do have lupus, and I am 38 yrs old. I feel as though I have so many things against me. Nevertheless, I am not ready to give up. The one thing I am sure of, is that I do not want to be 42 and regretting why I gave up at 38. Its that thought that keeps me focused. I am also very happy to have this site to share my journey.

Can't Wait!!!

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 639240 10:00 pm
by Olliesmum
I haven't been on here in so long it's great to see so many happy, healthy babies born PE free!! So now is the time my husband and I have decided to extend our family, with my first being born at 32 weeks (diagnosed at 28 weeks) with IUGR @ 1250grams. We have been toying with this now for the last 5 months and I guess no amount of information prepares you for the unknown of the journey ahead, just hope and losts of it!!!

Just for curiosity sake how many of you are there that are currently TTC, it'd be great knowing some of you are taking this road at the same time as my husband and I am ;)