TTCers: More Pep on this board + Roll Call

Are you considering having another child after preeclampsia? Trying again after preeclampsia can be an emotional challenge. You can find support with others who share your concerns here.
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TTCers: More Pep on this board + Roll Call

Postby riehlism » Thu Sep 22, 2011 06:28 pm

Hi Ladies,

I still tend to stroll along this board and the last few weeks/months this board seems really down and not too active. My goals for this post: 1) Share a happy story 2) Unite TTCers.

I'm currently 34+1 today with another baby boy. He is measuring about 4.5 pounds and I have had no BP issues (usually sits at 100s/60s) and no protein. My last pregnancy ended at 24+6 where we lost our first son last June. With some fears that I may have difficulties conceiving because of PCOS and unruly hormones, we were able to do it again.

I was charting, testing mucous and peeing on all sorts of sticks. I even went to see a reproductive endo who suggested weight loss first prior to trying again. Just when I decided to just let things happen on their own, I got pregnant. I felt super stressed about charting and testing. I really think that taking a step back helped in my situation. It seems that constant monitoring by my MFM and OB, and the Lovenox and Baby Aspirin have been my ticket. With how bad things were last time, I was surprised I made it to 32 weeks. So yay for me, and yay that positive outcomes are possible!

So TTCers, it's roll call time:

Are you actively trying? Or still on the fence, why?
After losing a child, my husband and I had no question we wanted to try again. We trusted our providers, armed ourselves with knowledge about what to expect, and went for it.

Are you facing any conception barriers?
I have PCOS, wonky hormones, and was really stressed because I wanted to have a baby so badly. 6 friends and my sister all had babies around the time of my son's death and during our grieving period. Stress was not good.

What are you finding most stressful this time around?
At the time, I was stressed because I doubted my ability to even conceive, let alone have a healthy baby to take home. I was scared of the meds, the Lovenox shots, and scared that I would do all this and come up empty in the end. Even though I was close to dying myself with PE and HELLP, I oddly was not scared that I would get that sick again. But dying was a stressor for my husband.

What's your TTC plan?
I met with my OB and a trusted MFM. I was to start baby aspirin while TTC and continue with it throughout the pregnancy. I tried two round of Clomid and and even saw an RE, to no avail. I got pregnant naturally when I threw in the theoretical towel.

Are you working with your doctor about a pregnancy plan?
Both my OB and MFM said baby aspirin and Lovenox. If all went well, we would deliver no later than 38 weeks since I cannot labor from my Classical C-Section.

How are you feeling. No really, how are you feeling about this?
At the time I was scared, but I knew I wanted a family. I educated myself and pretty much took a leap of faith and searched for happy endings on this site.
Jasmin: Severe PE/HELLP and delivered at 24+6 & PCOS (29) Hubby Bubby, Frank (29)
Baby Blue stopped in to say hello and goodbye on 6/3/10
Baby Lucas was born on 10/13/11, PE and HELLP-free! Thank you baby aspirin and Lovenox

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