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Re: To TTC or not to TTC?

Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2012 03:13 pm
by sam10
I would inform your MFM about the findings and that you'll always have proteine in your urine. With this information she will be able to assess your health/medical situation from a different angle and perhaps this means you can TTC sooner. I just think it might be important information to share with your MFM.
I am just the kind of person who always follows doctors recommendations and would feel uncomfortable without them knowing all about me and my health. Good luck :D

To TTC or not to TTC?

Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2012 02:19 pm
by cgoodi1
So I've got some news! I met with my MFM on the 18th of June and she said that when the protein in my urine is within the normal range I can try again. I had done a test around June 3rd which showed that I had 440mg proteinuria. She said it could take anywhere from 3-6 more months but she said the longest she would make me wait would be six more months. She said she doesn't have to see me again until I am 8 weeks pregnant.

I went today to see my internal medicine doctor who deals with the protein in my urine. I did a test on June 25th to test for orthostatic proteinuria which is a benign disease. I ended up having it. It means I spill protein when I stand, sit, etc but when I lie down or am sleeping I don't spill very much at all. My urine sample from the morning showed that I had spilled 230 mg and my night sample showed 30mg. Therefore my night sample is great (well below the normal 150mg range) however my morning one is a bit higher but the doctor said it's great. He's meeting with me again in November for a retest to make sure everything has stayed the same.

Here's my question. My numbers are normal for people with orthostatic proteinuria and this is a benign disease (meaning it doesn't cause kidney problems or any other problems). I want to TTC now since the doctor said I could when my levels are normal, however I am also hesitant since I spill protein during the day. What do you think I should do? The MFM said I could when the levels are normal and now that I found out I have this I know my morning levels will probably never be normal. Should I begin to try? My cycles returned back to normal right after I gave birth and my pressures are normal at home, however in the doctor's office they do go up. Please let me know what you think!