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Re: Hope

Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2012 02:03 pm
by sam10
Hello Laura,

I am so very sorry you lost your Emily. It is devastating and heartbreaking, and it takes time to find your footing again. But I am glad and happy to hear that you found a doctor whom you trust. It is very important to feel taken care of in a subsequent pregnancy, as being pregnant again after losing a child due to preeclampsia is no walk in the park.
There are a lot of discussions around supplements, but as has been said it is important to always follow ones own doctor's advice. I am taking a similar 'arsenal' (and more) of medication, but it is all suited to my situation.

Let us know how things go and when you will be ready to TTC again! Thinking of you and your precious Emily.

Re: Hope

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2012 11:39 pm
by lemons
I second what Heather said above! And I am happy to hear that you don't have to wait as long as you thought to start trying for your rainbow baby. As for me, I *wish* my physician had given me the go ahead for LDA- something to make me feel like I was doing something to help my chances of not getting PE again. Best wishes!

Re: Hope

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2012 10:19 pm
by blythe
Thanks, Laura! It's so hard not to be enthusiastic when you finally see a bit of hope, and want to share that hope with other women! I'm so glad again that your doctor has a plan for you and is so optimistic about your next pregnancy.

Praying and hoping with you.

Re: Hope

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2012 09:34 pm
by EmilyBear
Thanks for clarifying about the supplements. My doctor did caution me that these supplements may not be appropriate for all women. I guess I should have written that the first time.

Praying and hoping.


Re: Hope

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2012 12:09 am
by lemons
Laura, I am so sorry that you lost your Emily. My thoughts are with you as you continue grieving and as you start on the road to conceiving again. I'm so glad that you found a physician that you trust.

Heather, thank you for your notes of caution regarding the supplements listed. I want to add my own caution to anyone reading these boards- Please consult with your own physician before starting any supplement/medication while TTC and/or being pregnant. My OB and MFM have advised me that while for most pregnant women, low-dose-aspirin (LDA) will not cause harm (and might help with placental implantation/uteroplacental blood flow), that is not the case for me. My history suggests that LDA is contraindicated, meaning that I should NOT take it as it could increase my risks for subchorionic hemorrhage and placental abruption. If there was stronger data that definitely showed a preventive impact from taking LDA, my MFM might feel that the benefits outweigh the risks, but until then, no LDA for me.

Re: Hope

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2012 11:56 pm
by blythe
Welcome back, Laura! I'm so glad you found a specialist you're so comfortable and happy with! I had to edit out her name and affiliation because we can't share doctor or hospital names on the boards - but if anyone is in your area they can message or email you and you can share information that way.

I'm also so glad she's given you hope for your next pregnancy. I need to caution other members, though, that our medical board is less enthusiastic about the supplements you listed, if I understand right they think the research isn't strong enough, and especially not strong enough to recommend them for every woman. The important thing, though, is that your doctor thinks that the research supports these supplements for *your* specific case.

I bring up this caution because, for example, our founder Anne Garrett has an autoimmune condition that means that taking extra calcium would seriously jeopardize her health, and may have contributed to the complications in her last pregnancy that threatened her life.

I don't say this in any way to discourage you or to scare you, your doctor's vita looks impressive to not-a-doc me, and in your shoes, if she recommended these things for me I would definitely take them! I just need to be clear to other women looking for hope - we should never take anything in pregnancy without our own doctor's specific recommendation. Our doctors know our specific cases and how the research relates to our hopes in future pregnancies.

Please do keep posting! We love happy subsequent pregnancies, and we're also here to hold your hand if your supplements don't lower your risk to zero and you end up with complications again. Our experts tell us that just "getting pregnant again" gives us very good chances of a healthy pregnancy, possibly because the spiral arteries in the uterus have been stretched out (think like pantyhose!) by the first pregnancy, allowing the new placenta to implant deeper and stronger. We're also here when you start trying to conceive again. Gentle good wishes to you!


Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2012 08:08 pm
by EmilyBear
I just wanted to share with everyone that today was a hopeful day. Six weeks ago I lost my Emily at 34 weeks of preenclampsia. The care that I received at our local hospital was subpar and several errors occurred.

Emily was my first baby and I was devastated.

After Emily's death, I made an appointment with a high risk maternal doctor who specializes in preenclampsia.

I learned today that recent research has supported the use of low dose aspirin, folic acid, calcium and vitamin D to help prevent the onset of preenclampsia. The earlier in pregnancy you start taking these supplements, the better. While my chances of reoccurrence are 25 per cent, the use of these supplements will decrease the likelihood even more. As soon as I become pregnant again, I will be followed by experts in the field of preenclampsia. If you live in the area of Ottawa, Canada, I highly suggest that you go and see **** since her expertise in preenclampsia is remarkable. I read her biography online and let me tell you this lady has been busy researching etc for our cause.

I was also surprised that my wait time to try and conceive again was not as long as I had originally feared. I was told that as long as I do not go ino labour before one year has passed it is safe.