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Re: may be joining you soon (again)...

Posted: Thu Apr 04, 2013 05:46 pm
by MomTimesThree
How is it possible that he is already 14 months old!? It goes soooo fast!

We dealt with unexplained infertility while TTC #2, and did so with intervention. With #3 we were BFing, and did so until 16 weeks pregnant and the day before #2's 2nd birthday. They are 29? months apart.

I also used Vitex, not sure if it worked or if my body was just ready- I think my cycles started when I was about 15 months PP and they were looooong cycles. I think I only had three before we conceived #3 on CD 40 or something like that!

KellyMom is a great resource for TTC while BFing. I just tried to be mindful of spacing his feedings and cutting out night nursing- which I was ready for anyway and he transitioned through everything nicely. It felt really nice to be able to balance his needs (and mine) to continue nursing and get a move on with TTC.

Sending lots of baby dust your way!

And Juljia- toooootally unfair to get AF back at 2.5months PP!! So sorry!!

Re: may be joining you soon (again)...

Posted: Thu Apr 04, 2013 05:17 pm
by cmccaffrey
So both of my doctors(peri and OB) are completely on board because they think there is some validity to the two year window and preeclampsia. They both think that I should try and have all my children before advanced maternal age in order to lessen the risks for preeclampsia. I am in great health. Under my pre-pregnancy weight for both pregnancies and my blood pressure is phenomenal. So really it's just getting my body in gear to start ovulating... which will probably mean drastically decreasing breastfeeding or entirely weaning. I'm hoping that doesn't take forever...

Angie, thanks for the info about vitex. I might look into that later on down the line if things don't start soon. I'm not in a hurry hurry, but we are pretty set on getting pregnant within the year if at all possible.

Re: may be joining you soon (again)...

Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2013 03:28 pm
by sam10
Welcome back :-). I am currently breastfeeding, but my AF started already 2.5 months postpartum despite me breastfeeding exclusively. When I asked my OB if this was normal, he told me that there is s huge variety of when women start their period while breastfeeding. What has your doctor recommended?
Good luck with #2 :-)

Re: may be joining you soon (again)...

Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2013 08:57 am
by angieb
Our boys are 18 months apart. Obviously I love them both dearly but oh my, the last several months have been really miserable. DS2 is a very high maintenance baby and is just now starting to get a little better. In hindsight, now that I see how much better Lucas is with him and in general now at almost 2 vs, at 18 months, I would have waited.

I took vitex (can get it from Amazon, the drops taste icky but work better than the pills) to get my periods back when I was 8ish months pp. It worked, which is a huge deal b/c I don't typically have normal cycles anyway. Then I took soy isoflavones for 5 days (works similar to clomid but is herbal) to help me ovulate. The first month was funky, the second month I upped my dose of soy iso and had an obvious ovulation and boom, pregnant. (Took 6 months of fertility treatments with an RE for Luke, so I was shocked that the herbal stuff really worked to get my cycles back on track, and shocked it worked so quickly.) I continued nursing till I was about 13 wks pregnant and by then DS1 was almost 13 months and I was more then ready to be done knowing I'd be doing it all over again in a few months, but I did manage to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy while nursing part of it and ttc. And I don't normally ovulate on my own even when I'm not breastfeeding. I asked them to check my progesterone levels after I thought I had ovulated (7 days after), it indicated I ovulated but was lowish, like 8 or 9, so when I got a positive test I did go on progesterone till 11ish wks which may have helped prevent a m/c, so make sure they keep an eye on your progesterone levels after ovulation b/c those do tend to be an issue when breastfeeding.

may be joining you soon (again)...

Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2013 02:17 am
by cmccaffrey
So I just went in and had my IUD taken out today. Our son is already a year old...14 months to be exact and ideally I would like to get pregnant sometime before our son turns 2. I had some concerns since I still have not had my first postpartum AF, but I went and had testing and an ultrasound and I think it's related to extended breastfeeding. In saying that I guess I am just waiting for weaning and for ovulation to restart again.

Have any of you had luck in charting your fertility while breastfeeding? Or is that pretty much a hopeless cause?

Anyways, we are not officially ttc since I am not officially fertile, but I am just curious about some of your experiences.